How To Reset The Water Heater? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to reset the water heater? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct location because we’re here to assist you. Almost all the water heaters have a reset button; by cutting off the heater’s power and pressing this reset button, you can reset the water heater. 

A water heater is a fantastic investment since it allows you to take hot showers.  Understanding how to reset your water heater will provide you the freedom to have hot water right away instead of waiting for a professional to arrive, which would cause even more disruptions.

how to reset the water heater

You no longer need to be concerned because we’ve taken care of everything for you. The procedures to reset a water heater are listed below, including a list of possible causes for your water heater to fail. Let’s have a deep look at it!


Steps To Reset The Water Heater

There are eight steps how to reset the water heater rapidly. They’re all quick, so you’ll be capable of going through them fast. If you’d like to reset your water heater, you’ll need to take the following steps:


Step #1. Open your water heater

The first step is to disconnect the water heater after being opened. Turn off the water heater’s power. When the water heater is still on, avoid tampering with it. Locate the water heater’s outlet, switch off the power, and disconnect the cord from the socket. Now it’s time to work on the water heater once you’ve made sure you’ve turned off all the electricity to it. You may also be interested to know about common water heater problems.


Step #2. Detech the cover plates

After that, you’ll have to take off the cover plates. They’re often towards the base of the water heater. Locate a plate and screws holding it in position. Now remove the screws from the plate by using an adjustable wrench. You must be capable of removing the plate with your hands once you’ve loosened all of the screws. You must also detach the second cover plate. Use the proper screwdriver for the plate. You endanger tearing the screws if you don’t, which may be a significant problem.


Step #3. Remove the insulation

There’s a strong probability you’ll find some insulation if you unscrew the cover plate. If that were the situation, you’d also want to get rid of this. The button concealment is handled by the insulating pad. To remove the pad, use your hands and put it off. Put the insulating pad to the side once you’ve removed it. This is something you might not wish to waste since you’ll need it when you’re done with the water heater. There might be a problem with the component gasket until humidity on the pad. Before resetting the water heater, make sure the gas cap is turned off.


Step #4. Press and hold the reset button

It’s time to hit the reset button once the cover plate and insulation are removed. Look for the red button. After you’ve removed the insulation, you must be capable of viewing it. The button may have been labeled as the reset button. This is an indication that you’ve arrived at the correct location.

The reset button must be pressed down strongly. It may be stuck in certain instances, especially if you haven’t pushed it down in a long time. If this is the situation, you should wipe it before pressing it. The button must be pushed inside when you press it. Ensure you hold the button down till you sound a click. If you hear a click, you realize the water heater has sensed a drop in temperature. This must start resetting itself.

If you keep pressing the button and don’t hear a click, things in the water heater may be loose. This may be the cause you’re resetting your water heater. Inspect for any evidence of nicks in the cabling of the water heater. Check for dangling wire nuts as well. You must change the wiring if there are any problems with it. 


Step #5. Reassemble and turn on

Finally, you must re-energize the water heater. Reconnect the water heater again into the socket if you had to unplug it previously. It’s time to turn back on the water heater if you have to turn it off at the circuit breaker. The water heater may now be working normally. It will take a while to determine whether or not this works. It might take several hours, depending on the capacity of your water heater. After your water heater has cycled, you may need to inspect some of your apartment’s plumbing systems to determine if they are operating correctly.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you like reading this article and that after reading it, you will understand how to reset the water heater. Only five steps have been considered above. We are confident that if you fully comprehend all of these instructions, you will be able to reset your water heater. Thank you for staying with us to the end. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends if you enjoyed it! You may also want to read about how to clean water heater and how to turn up heat on water heater.

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