How To Reset Sleep Number Adjustable Bed? Easy Steps You Need To Know!

How to reset sleep number adjustable bed?

Listed below are two steps you need to follow.

how to reset sleep number adjustable bed

You recognize Sleep Number mattresses for their adjustable firmness levels.

It allows you to select the perfect amount of firmness for a pleasant good rest.

The sleep number reflects how soft or firm they want their bed.

And their aim is that after you’ve discovered your ideal sleep number,

You’ll know precisely how your mattress should feel to have a good night’s sleep.

However, what is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is one with a multi-hinged sleeping platform that can be oriented in various positions.

Adjustable beds come in two types: manual and electronic.

Experts usually recommend an electronic adjustable bed to new customers.

Compared to manually adjustable beds, it is more convenient, hassle-free, and comfortable.

In addition, you can adjust your bed with one tap of the button in remote control.

Owning an adjustable bed may be pricy.

Thus, you must be ready for your budget to spend.

If you want to know the steps and facts about adjustable beds, keep on reading!

Easy Steps To Reset Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

Here is an easy guide on how to reset sleep number adjustable bed.


Step #1. Preparation

Before you begin, make sure that you plugged in all of the components and elements of your bed.

If you fail to do this, the remote will not connect with the adjustable bed options.

It is crucial to ensure that everything is on and working.


Step #2. Buttons to press

To get to factory reset, use the following remote shortcut:

When the remote asks if you’d like to reset to factory settings, press and hold the up arrow.

Next, press the down arrow, and click the Enter button until it says yes.


Can I Apply The Same Steps With Different Types Of Remotes?

No, steps in resetting the sleep number of your adjustable bed vary in which kind of remote you have.

There are three types of remotes: 360 remotes, traditional remotes, and Dual Temp Layer Remotes.

The two steps listed above are for ordinary remotes.


­Other Types Of Remote And Steps To Reset The Sleep Number

Here are the two different types of remotes and the process that will help you in resetting the sleep number of your adjustable beds:


For 360 remote (5 buttons)


Step #1. Go to the home screen

To start, you need to go to the home screen.

Click the up, down, and enter buttons together until the Factory Reset screen appears.

Choose yes when prompted whether you wish to reset your controller to factory settings.


Step #2. Select the button depending on the instructions

  • When queried if this is a secondary or substitute controller, choose “no”


  • Select an option that says “no” when asked whether your bed has a Sleep Number button on the hip (you can found this button on FlexFit adjustable bases)


  • Select the Continue button when requested to unplug and re-plug your Firmness Control system and the bed power cable


  • When prompted to disconnect your FlexFit Control system, choose the “skip” button.


This action only applies to adjustable bases


Step #3. Repeat

Keep on doing the process as you finish your setup!


For DualTemp remote (5 buttons)


Step #1. Begin on the system menu

Click and hold up arrow and down arrow to open and to go to the System menu option.

Then, select the factory reset button.


Step #2. Unplug and plug

Follow the instructions on the remote screen to unplug and re-plug the DualTemp power cord.

This step is crucial in this process.


Step #3.  Last part

Name your remote by following the directions on the remote.

Then, the fan will switch on.


Why is there a need for a reset?

If you’ve decided to install a replacement part or you’re receiving an interconnection error that won’t stop,

A factory reset can help reconnect your controller to your mattress.

Although you ensured that you plugged your bed into a working nozzle.

And the cord is tightly attached to the control system under your bed.

You need to reset it.


Two Common Sleep Number Problems

There are problems you will encounter in sleep number.

Thus, here are the following:


Trench Effect

The Trench Effect is a term used to describe when the bed sags in the center, and one or both persons on the bed sink.

That was the most common complaint in all Sleep Numbers evaluations.

Since most Sleep Number mattresses feature two air chambers, if one is considerably firmer or softer than the other.

The bed will be unbalanced and prone to sagging in the middle.


Malfunctions and breakdowns

Because a Sleep Number comes with a fair bit of setup and technology.

Including a hose, pumps, and remote to control the adjustable air chamber.

The mattress is prone to malfunctions, particularly air decompression.

People also mentioned the mattress cover disintegrating after a few years.



So, how to reset sleep number adjustable bed?

Resetting of sleep number happens when you encounter errors in your sleeping bed.

Unfortunately, you cannot get away with errors and malfunctions.

To reset, you need to research some steps and determine what type of remote do have.

Then, it will help you with your problem.

This process is easy as long as you learn the steps and understand what you need to do.

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