How To Reset Samsung Fridge Temperature? 2 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to reset Samsung fridge temperature? If you have a Samsung fridge, resetting or changing the temperature is very straightforward.

Newer models of Samsung fridges tend to show the specific values of the temperature. Therefore, to reset the temperature, modify the values displayed and wait for the fridge to adjust.

how to reset Samsung fridge temperature

Is your fridge temperature not cool enough for you? Maybe the perishables you place inside your fridge go bad sooner than expected. If so, then maybe it’s time for you to reset the temperature that your Samsung fridge is functioning at.

Another possible reason you want to reset your Samsung fridge temperature could be for better energy efficiency. Your fridge temperature might be set to a value that is too low, making your electric bill unnecessarily higher.

Even if you don’t have these concerns and are simply curious about how to reset your Samsung fridge temperature, look no further, for we wrote this article for people like you. Read this article until the end to learn all there is you need to know about the process of resetting fridge temperatures.


Locating The Temperature Controls

The location of the temperature controls, how they look like, and how to use them vary depending on the Samsung fridge that you own. Factors such as the type of fridge and the date of release affect how the temperature is adjusted.

If you have one of the latest Samsung fridges during the time this article is written, you can find the temperature settings of the fridge by navigating through the touch screen display on the fridge door.

There you can reset the specific values of temperature of the fridge and freezer compartment. Some of these models even allow you to decide which between the upper and lower compartments to use as a freezer and a fridge. You could also choose to make both compartments, freezers or fridges.

Other models have their temperature controls in plain sight. All you have to do is press the arrow keys to increase or decrease the values presented. These new models also let you switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

However, older models of Samsung fridges don’t have display panels to show the values of temperature it is currently operating in. Instead, dials or switches are located inside the fridge and offer temperature ranges from scales of 1-5 or 1-10.

For specific instructions for the model that you own, it is important to read the user’s manual that came with your Samsung fridge when you first got it. If you don’t have a copy, you could always look for a soft copy on the internet. Just type in the model of your refrigerator and add the phrase “user’s manual.”


Steps To Reset Samsung Fridge Temperature

Now that you know where the temperature controls are located, it is time for you to use it. After setting the desired temperature for your needs, it is recommended to test if the thermostat of your fridge is working properly.

The steps to take are listed below and will be elaborated. These will guide you on how to reset Samsung fridge temperature.


Step #1. Setting the right temperature

Before resetting the fridge temperature, you need to determine whether to increase or decrease its value or what specific value to put the temperature. This will be dependent on the type of problem you have with your Samsung fridge temperature.

If you feel that the food you put inside your fridge still spoils easily, then your fridge might be set at a temperature higher than the required value. You should set the temperature within the refrigerator below 40° Fahrenheit or 4° Celsius, while freezers should be set at 0° Fahrenheit or -18° Celsius.

Set your fridge temperature at the recommended value to allow it to do its job properly, and avoid problems regarding food spoilage. If you find your fridge temperature significantly lower, then you know that your fridge consumes more power than necessary.

In this case, you would have to increase the fridge temperature to lessen the power consumption. Unless you want to pay more for your electricity bill for no reason that is.


Step #2. Temperature test

To make sure that the thermostat of your fridge works properly and is not broken, it is suggested to do a temperature test. Then, all you need to do is place a glass or cup of water inside the fridge and leave it for a day.

You then take it out and use a thermometer to measure its temperature and see if the fridge keeps the stuff inside it at the temperature you set it to. This is also really helpful if you have one of the older models of Samsung fridges that don’t have an indicator for the specific value of temperature it is operating in.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to reset Samsung fridge temperature. Thank you for reading up to this point of the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated.

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