How To Reset Samsung Dryer Heating Element? 7 Easy Steps!

Wanna know how to reset Samsung dryer heating element because clothes are coming wet out of your dryer? We will try to explain it in some straightforward steps.

Breaking down an extensive process into smaller portions is always helpful. As its name suggests, the heating element heats up and sends hot air to the dryer. 

how to reset Samsung dryer heating element

It usually accompanies your dryer for 8 to 10 years. A little bit of maintenance like regular cleanup of lint filter increases this life even more. And if the heating element becomes defective after this period, you can replace it with a new one that comes in a price range of $40 to $100. There is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Steps To Reset Samsung Dryer Heating Element

Here are the steps on how to reset Samsung dryer heating element:


Step #1. Cut off the power supply

Pull the plug out of the electrical outlet before starting the actual operation. Take a Philips screwdriver and open the two screws from the back of your Samsung dryer. Lift the panel and then remove it. Unlock the tabs of the control panel and lift it out of the dryer.


Step #2. Remove the front assembly

After having done with the removal of the control panel, it’s time to remove the front assembly of the dryer. Open the door and look for two screws on the bottom. Remove both screws with a Philips screwdriver. Then, remove the four screws from the top of the front panel. You are not ready to pull the front door assembly yet. There are two small tabs on the upper side. Push them, and assembly will be free from the dryer cabinet. Pull out the door switch from the wire harness and set the panel aside. But wait, don’t forget to dismount from three mounting brackets on the lower side of the dryer.


Step #3. Disconnect the moisture sensor

When you are finally done with the removal of the top panel, control panel, and front panel assembly, you will be able to see the inner machinery of the dryer with which you have to deal. First of all, disconnect the moisture sensor from the wire harness as its wire could tangle with the heat element assembly. Disconnecting it will help you to take the assembly outside the dryer easily.


Step #4. Unscrew and disconnect the brackets

Now, focus on the bracket lying beneath the heat element assembly. You will notice three screws on it; two on the bottom and one on top. Open all of these screws and disconnect that large bracket from three smaller brackets on top, bottom and back. The top one is connected to the heat element assembly, bottom and back secure the rack with the dryer body.


Step #5. Remove the heating element

Pull the heating element assembly outside carefully. You have to disconnect the wires from the body. Please take a picture before disconnecting or note down their configuration. Now, start detaching from the left side in this manner: red+blue, black+blue, and blue+black.


Step #6. Detach the terminals

Two terminals connect the heating element to the housing. You have to look for two little tabs on each terminal and turn them with needle-nose pliers. Be careful and use your fingers to hold the terminals as these tabs are teeny tiny in size.


Step #7. Unscrew the thermal fuse and thermostat

Open screws from housing that connects to the thermal fuse and thermostat. You will notice a tab that holds both parts of the housing together. Bent that tab with needle-nose pliers on the opposite side. Put the pliers back and take the Philips screwdriver back to open the seven screws that secure the heating element inside the housing. 


Reset The Heating Element

Finally, you can open the housing and access the heating element. We will tell you the processes that will help you figure out how to reset the Samsung dryer heating element. The aspect needs to check two things: the metal wire coil and continuity. 


Check for the broken coil

The heating element is just a metal sheet with a metal wire coil. The wire coil becomes worn out and broken with time as it goes through a lot of contact with the heat it produces after getting current. If you see a broken wire on the heating element, it means that there is no other option left than to replace it.


Check the continuity

You also need to check the continuity in the heating element by using a multimeter. Touch both robes of the multimeter together to set the needle in zero position. Then, touch them with two terminals that you open by turning the two tabs. If you see continuity between 5 to 50 ohms of resistance, it is an indication that the heating element is all good and okay. Otherwise, you have to replace the heating element. After replacing, assemble the dryer again in the same way as you disassembled it.


It’s A Wrap!

Are you still hesitating to fix up the issue in your Samsung dryer even after reading this guide on how to reset Samsung dryer heating element? We hope that you are not as we tried to explain in a simple language and systematic way. Remember the cost to replace a heating element in a dryer. Until here, my dear friends. 

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