How To Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board? 6 Awesome Tips!

Are you wondering how to reset Samsung dryer control board? Stop wondering and start reading this article. To effectively reset a Samsung dryer control board, switch off the electricity at the circuit or unhook this from the wall outlet, then keep it unplugged for a while.

Allow the electrical current to dissipate without any power going into the dryer. Allow approximately 5 minutes for the electric current to flow back into the dryer after plugging it back in and turning it on.

The control board of the Samsung dryer seems to be in charge of the dryer’s functions, including temp or dry timekeeping. One must be provided with an error number before you can reset the Samsung dryer; the dryer has a variety of error codes that represent the current issue the dryer is facing. Keep reading this article to fix such errors.


Tips To Reset Samsung Dryer Control Board

Because older Samsung Dryers do not even have a color screen, trouble codes are shown as lights flashing. Various error codes shown on equipment with display screens are mentioned below to help you in learning how to reset Samsung dryer control board.


#1. Error codes for temperature

Whenever you see any of the following error codes on the dryer’s screens, the dryer’s temp and temperature sensor are malfunctioning. The following are the codes: (tE, tS, TC, TCS, t0). Whether any of the following codes appear on a Samsung dryer implies the lint screen and ventilation system are obstructed, trapping heat within the dryer. To solve the issue, one may cleanse a lint trap or even the vent, or you might clean all.


#2. Error codes for button jams

The following error codes may show if the panel identifies a trapped or constantly pushed button (bE2, 6C2, bE, bC2). When the dryer displays any of the following problem codes, turn it off first, then separately press the buttons to free them from the display. And make sure you deliver the borders of every control as you go. You may then switch on the dryer to see which codes appear. Then after you will need to contact Samsung for assistance.


#3. Error codes for heating

If the Samsung dryer gets too hot, you’ll probably get one of the following problem signals (HC4, 1HC, HC). The most likely reason for the issue mentioned above is a blocked vent and lint screen network that’s also holding warmth in the dryer; to solve the problem, just clear the ventilation systems or the lint screening; you may also wash both to be safe.


#4. Error codes in communication

The following problem codes will appear if the dryer’s system components seem unable to interact (AE, EEE, ET, AC, AE5, E3, AE4, 1 AC). To clear the problem, just turn the machine off for 1 minute before turning it back on.


#5. Error codes for Voltage

If the voltage provided to the dryer is abnormal, the device may alert you with one of the following problem signals (9E1, 9C1, 2E, 9E). To avoid the error mentioned above, ensure the dryer does not use an extension’s code and instead runs on its circuit. When using an electric dryer, ensure the power cable is connected correctly and that the appliance is getting the proper voltage.


#6. Error codes for doors

Whether you’re using it, the dryer door must remain shut. If the sensor senses an open latching, these accompanying fault codes will be displayed (do, 1dF, dF, 1DC, do). To remove the code, make sure the latch is completely locked, verify if the door has collected any clothes, and finally, make sure the door is locked and fully latched. It’s worth noting that even if a door is broken, the code would not be updated; therefore, you’ll need to call the Samsung customer service department.


What Does Control Board Do On Samsung Dryer?

If you’re coping with just the Samsung dryer, the control board is the life and soul of the device. Consider this: You may manually change the cycle or timer here on the control board, but it must then interact with the appliance’s various internal parts, like the motors, heating coil, humidity sensor, etc.

In other terms, if the dryer’s control board is malfunctioning, you might have a variety of problems, varying from a dryer that doesn’t seem to dry the clothes correctly owing to a heating element not functioning to a dryer that simply won’t start or operate at all.

A defective control board might result in various problems with a Samsung dryer. If you’re working with such an old version, though, that’s not uncommon for the control board to fail. I guess it’s helpful to read about how long does Samsung Dryer last.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you have learned how to reset Samsung dryer control board. There seem to be times when resetting or troubleshooting won’t get the Samsung dryer to work, and you’ll need to contact the Samsung help department. Attempting to erase the error codes multiple times without result will make it increasingly challenging for the expert to find the problem because the record of error codes would be erased. Thank you, friends, for staying with us. You may also want to read about how long does dryer take to dry clothes and what is a spin dryer.

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