How To Reset My Samsung Washer? 3 Easy Ways!

By now, you must be thinking about how to reset my Samsung washer? Are you facing technical problems with your Samsung washer? One of the easy solutions to the technical issues in the Samsung washer is to reset it. No need to worry. This article will guide you through the entire procedure to reset your Samsung washer.

However, we recommend you read the manual of your Samsung washer before proceeding. By simple resetting, you can make your Samsung washer work again.

how to reset my Samsung washer

The washer is the essential appliance of every household and is used almost daily. Therefore, any issues with the washer can increase your household workload. If your washer is still having the same problem after resetting, it is better to call the company for help. Usually, washers last for ten to fifteen years. If your washer is older than ten years, it is better to replace it. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


Error Codes 

The washer requires resetting when it abruptly stops working. The problem is most likely to be an issue with the programming codes or the fault in the internal control board. The glitching of the code can be resolved by resetting the washer.  Before you reset the washer, identify the error codes. There are many error codes. A few of those are explained below.


Error code #1. dc 

It is the most common error code of the Samsung washer. This code is indicated by the halted spin cycle of the washer. This code is typically displayed when the load is unevenly distributed. The Samsung washer can detect it and stop spinning. Therefore, before starting your Samsung washer again, you will have to reset the programming. Cancel the program and power of your washer and reposition the item within the washer. Make sure that you add a small item with each heavy item. Like with bathrobes, throw in some small towels along with it. It may be helpful to read about what does DC mean on Samsung washer.


Error code #2. dl  

When the washer door opens while running code, “dl” appears. This is because the washer will stop working as soon as the door unlocks. Therefore, double-check the door before running the program once you set up the washer. Lock your Samsung washer door with a child lock if you have toddlers around. Additionally, never overload the washer so that something can get stuck in the door. If this happens, reset the machine by turning it on and off. 


Error code #3. Hr 

This code indicates the Samsung washer temperature control problem. Typically to end the cycle Samsung washer requires hot and cold water. Therefore, if the Samsung washer has temperature-related issues, it will stop working and, the code “hr” will appear on the screen. You can reset this code by the methods given below. However, in case the issue persists, it indicates a technical problem. You will have to check the connection between the water hoses behind the Samsung washer. There are two water hoses; blue and red, respectively. Blue represents cold water supply and, red represents hot water supply. Double-check your house water supply connection as well. It might require you to call a plumber. 


Error code #4. LE 

This code is similar to the code hr. It appears when there is not enough water supply to start the washing cycle. To clear this code, you will have to check your house’s water supply. Cause the washer requires a specific volume of water to operate. I guess it’s helpful to read about what does LE means on LG washer.


Error code #5. LO 

This code appears on the panel when your washer gets heated up above the temperature level. To reset this code, you will have to plug off the appliance. Then wait for it to cool down before switching the washer back on. 


Error code #6. E3 

This code represents motor malfunctioning. You can identify it simply as the washer will stop spinning. Then, try the methods below and call the technician to fix the motor. 


Ways To Reset My Samsung Washer 

After understanding the above codes, you must know how to clear the codes. Given below are the three methods to make your Samsung washer work again. 


Method #1. Switch on and off the washer 

The first and the most basic method to reset your Samsung washer is simply plugging off the appliance from the power outlet. Now, wait for two to five minutes to completely discharge the electric current from the washer. Then restart the washer by switching it on. This method will possibly solve any primary problem in the washer. However, if this does not resolve your issue, you can try the methods given below.  


Method #2. Switch on and off the circuit breaker 

Suppose you could not troubleshoot the problem with your Samsung washer by turning it off and on. You can try switching off your home circuit breaker for a few minutes. After about five to ten minutes’ switch on your home’s circuit breaker again. It is most likely to troubleshoot the complicated problems you did not resolve with the former method. 


Method #3. Factory reset the washer 

Press the power option to turn on the Samsung washer. After switching it on, press the options button on the panel for five seconds. It will lead you to the system function window. Keep on turning the dial till the factory reset option appear. Select factory reset to reset the Samsung washer. 


It’s A Wrap!

You must have found the answer on how to reset my Samsung washer. It is not a difficult task. However, if the problem continues, it is better to call the company service. Remember proper maintenance of washer can prevent you from all the troubles. You may also be interested to know about Samsung washing machines.

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