How To Reset My Samsung Fridge? 5 Awesome Things To Know!

Do you often ask yourself, “how to reset my Samsung fridge?”  There are five common reasons you should consider before you should reset it; these things you will know as you delve further.

Samsung fridges have evolved so much since their pioneer models. Their fridges nowadays have settings in their front doors in which you can adjust the temperature and controls in just a couple of minutes. So, if you want to reset your refrigerator, you must disconnect it and wait a few minutes before turning it back on.

how to reset my Samsung fridge

When your refrigerator starts acting funny or there are any complications, you need to reset it to make it function again efficiently. You may also need to reset it after a power loss if your refrigerator does not detect the power supply.

And there are also other reasons why you need to reset your unit. If you don’t know what to do or don’t think you’re doing the right thing, this article might help you. You don’t want to miss the detailed steps we gathered for you. Read on!


When And How Should You Reset Your Fridge?

Instead of directly unplugging the main cable, you can reset your Samsung fridge in various ways. But it usually depends on the reason why you need to reset it. You can fix it with the help of your manual and our fridge’s controls. So, we’ve gathered the most common situations that require you to reset your fridge. With this, you can figure out the proper approach for the question, “how to reset my Samsung fridge?” Also, avoid putting your unit in danger of extensive damage.

And here they are:


Situation #1. After a power outage

Sometimes, your fridge fails to recognize a power source after a power outage. However, we suggest that once the electricity disappeared, you unplug all appliances. A sudden power source might cause damage to your equipment and send mixed signals to the components.

On the other hand, if you forgot to unplug the cable, your unit will most likely release a beeping noise or display a PF code once electricity is restored. But you can reset your fridge by pressing mute or alarm reset. Or you can directly turn off the power button by pressing it for 5 seconds long. After that, wait a few minutes before turning it back on.


Situation #2. The temperature alarm keeps beeping

You need to reset your fridge when the alert for the temperature doesn’t stop beeping. There are circumstances when your fridge displays the ideal temperature for the interior side, but the engine fails to recognize it. So, it will continue to beep until the temperature lowers.

Like the previous situation, you can fix this by pressing the mute button first. Then, you press the power button. Also, you can directly unplug the cable, but it sometimes results in a reduced lifespan for your fridge.


Situation #3. After water filter installation

When replacing the filter, you sometimes need to turn off the unit and the power supply. Your fridge can also detect if you removed the filter, and it might not recognize the replacement. As a result, there are rare complications that made your fridge alarm or not function well.

We suggest that you unplug your unit first before replacing the filter. It will only take a few minutes, but it can help you save energy and avoid sending mixed signals to your fridge controls. And your dispenser will recognize the new filter as well.

After securing the filter tightly, you can reconnect all pipes to bring back the water supply and plug back the cable. Then, click the power button and check if the filter icon is back to blue. If it’s still red, you need to reset your fridge again or check for some steps you missed on the manual.


Situation #4. The display shows an error code

When your display shows various blinking and sounding codes, it means that there’s something wrong with your fridge or you need to change something. So, you’ll need to examine and determine the possible problem before trying to reset it.

Don’t directly unplug the cable or pressing random buttons to make the code disappear. It is only going to make you feel better, not your refrigerator. Plus, you can risk your fridge obtaining more damage than the current situation.

Some codes that we can observe in your display are AP, 21E, OF OF, and many more. When your display shows AP, you don’t have to panic since it only means that your fridge can have better access to your wifi. It will disappear once it has enough access or the setup is already complete.


Situation #5. You left the door ajar

When the door is slightly open for more than 5 minutes, there’s a high chance that your refrigerator will start to beep. Leaving the door ajar might disrupt the interior temperature or caused problems with the refrigerator fan. Code 21E, 22E, and 22C will display if the fan is frozen.

Reset the unit by turning off the fridge and unplugging the main cable. Leave the door open for about 10-15 minutes for the fan to defrost. Or you can contact a professional.



And this part is where the article, “how to reset my Samsung fridge?” ends. We hope you learned tons of stuff from this article and allowed you to familiarize yourself with our appliance. We suggest that you don’t act abruptly, such as unplugging the unit when dealing with this equipment. For more compelling articles, read how to reset Samsung fridge freezer. Have a great day!

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