How To Reset LG Dryer? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to reset LG dryer? If not yet, don’t get too worked up. As you continue to read this article, you will understand everything. So stick around till the finish! So whether you have an extremely dependable LG dryer and don’t have any issues with it, it is upsetting to discover that your LG dryer is either not functioning or has just been running inefficiently for extended than you seem to have realized.

Your dryer’s issue might sometimes be caused by problems with your power supply outlet or a faulty circuit breaker. Sometimes, the issue is caused by your LG dryer alone. When deciding the best approach to reset your LG dryer, consider common sense troubleshooting recommendations.

how to reset LG dryer

Whenever you have to reset the LG dryer, there aren’t any power issues to examine first. It won’t start if there isn’t enough electricity coming to your LG dryer. Check whether the drums’ light lighting is switching on by opening the dryer door. Let’s get started!


Steps To Reset LG Dryer

How to reset LG dryer? Are you worried because your LG electric dryer is acting up? Whenever it concerns maintaining a clean house, laundry is a must-do task.  A broken dryer can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the funds to fix it or replace it; before contacting a repair professional to fix the dryer, attempt to reset it first. It might be the only thing you have to do to get your dryer restored in working order, as easy as it sounds. Here’s how to reset the LG dryer:


Step #1. Unplug your dryer

You’ll undoubtedly have a power issue if your dryer hasn’t switched on. Ensure your LG Dryer’s power wire is correctly hooked into an available power socket. Check if you’re using an extension cable or if the dryer is connected straight into a plug socket. Check your circuit breakers carefully to ensure that nothing has been accidentally triggered. Now is the time to perform a factory reset. To begin, disconnect the LG machine.  


Step #2. Press the power/start button

Next, hold down the  Start and Power buttons for approximately 5 secs. After that, hold down the pause/play button for 5 secs. Replug the LG dryer, and you’ll see the drum light switch on and the dryer.  Also, examine whether the child lock feature is turned on. If the child lock feature is turned on, the dryer’s functionality will be disabled. If the LG dryer is not operating and the Child Lock Function is turned on, you will see the digits CL shown on the LCD. By pushing the child lock button for 3 seconds, you may turn the child lock feature off. 


Step #3. Inspect the dryer door latch

You may also inspect the dryer door latch to determine if it is the cause of the issue. Your LG dryer may not operate correctly if the dryer door latch is malfunctioning. When the machine door isn’t fully closed, the dryer door latch prevents the dryer from working. You may sound a click when the dryer door is closed if it is completely secured. The washer will not turn on unless you hear this click. As a result, closing the dryer door cautiously and gradually is essential to avoid wearing out or breaking the dryer door latch. A trained LG dryer Specialist must repair the dryer door latch if it has been damaged. 


Step #4. Reset the dryer start switch

A defective dryer start switch can sometimes cause your LG dryer not to operate and need to be reset. This switch may be found behind the display panel, behind the power/pause switch. If the start switch of your dryer isn’t working, it won’t be inclined to transmit a signal to the control panel to run the dryer. If the dryer doesn’t start when you push the Power/ Pause button, it’s probably due to a faulty dryer start switch.

Test it with a multimeter to check if there is any continuity. If there is no power continuity, the power/ pause switch must be replaced. Lastly, if everything else fails miserably, make sure your LG dryer fuse isn’t blown. If this happens, it’s typically because of a blocked dryer vent, which causes the fuse to blow. If that’s the issue, the fuse must be replaced.


Does An LG Dryer Have A Reset Button?

The LG dryer, it turns out, has a reset button. You may quickly locate it by peeking through the side access hole and removing the access hole lid with a wrench. Disconnect it first to use the LG dryer restart button to reset your LG dryer. Then seek a side access hole with an exhaust pipe attached to it. Remove the plastic cover with a screwdriver.  The white and red wires linked to the reset button may be seen. Between two terminals is a black reset button. Whenever you press it in, this should click. You may also be interested to know about troubleshoot a LG dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that this guide gives you the answer to how to reset LG dryer. If your dryer isn’t working correctly, you’ll need to reset it, which you can do quickly by following these procedures. Thank you for sticking with us to the finish! You may also want to read about how to measure a dryer and how to make dryer smell better.

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