How To Reset Comfort Zone Heater? 3 Surprising Reasons To Do So!

Do you want to know how to reset comfort zone heater? The answer is here! The resetting of a comfort zone heater varies significantly depending on the type. Among most modern systems, though, the technique is the same: push & keep the two right buttons for at least two or three seconds.

If that doesn’t work, you may physically reset your heater simply by completing the instructions below.

how to reset comfort zone heater

Remove the stumbling block and switch off the heater. Switch off the thermostat. Remove the power source if you are using an electric-powered heater. Allow ten to fifteen minutes for the device to cool down. Restart the comfort zone heater and look in after ten minutes to determine if the heat is distributed evenly. Continue to read to learn more.


Resetting The Comfort Zone Heater

When your comfort zone heater is showing some errors or getting overheated, you should reset it immediately by following the tips mentioned above. We will discuss in detail to help you understand how to reset comfort zone heater.


#1. When heater overheats

Your heater’s screen may show an overheating fault warning if something occurs. It would most probably be destroyed when the heater overheats if it is not turned off right away. To safeguard, the heater in this circumstance pushes the reset switch.


#2. When the heater is not turning on

If the Comfort Zone heater can’t just turn up despite being plugged in, try resetting it first to resolve the problem. If hitting the reset button doesn’t work, you’ll need to look into the matter more. Very likely, you’re dealing with a faulty heating element.


#3. When heater display error

Resetting the heater is the very first, most straightforward remedy to attempt when various fault warnings emerge on its display. This will not solve your problem unless there is a more severe problem with the heater, which has to be handled. However, most problem codes will disappear if the heater is reset, mainly if it is a new heater.


When To Reset Comfort Zone Heater By Itself?

In rare circumstances, the heater’s reset button will activate by itself. This is typical because the heater has been configured in certain circumstances. The reset button on the heater may trip under the following cases.


#1. Heating element fault

Whenever the heating element short circuits, it produces too much heat, which might force the reset button to trip. To correct this, you may have to change the heating element.


#2. Fuel shortage

The reset button on an oil or gas heater can activate if you run out of energy. All that has been required to resolve this issue is to ensure that there has been fuel inside the oil tank. If that’s the situation, inform the client service professional that the tank is dry and will have to be fueled when you call for a refilling.


#3. Blockage in the gas valve

Another cause the reset button keeps tripping is if the gates are obstructed or closed. Looking to be seen whether some of the valves were accidentally closed might help you solve the problem. You may also be interested to know about 


#4. Overheating issue

The furnace might overheat when it doesn’t get sufficient air, forcing the reset button to trigger. Check whether the air filters need to be washed or changed and if the air ducts are open enough to allow sufficient circulation. Nevertheless, you may avoid the issues mentioned above by performing regular heater maintenance and keeping the heater in good working order.


#5. The air filter is clogged

A dirty or obstructed air filter might cause the heater’s reset button. Replacing or washing the HVAC air filtration on a routine basis (at minimum once every other quarter) can assist in maintaining the heater in proper operating condition and reduce the amount of work it has to do.


#6. The flame sensor is dirty

Over time, dirt and debris can jam the flame sensor rod, causing the heater to reset. Preventing this is as simple as cleaning the flame detector rod clear on a routine basis.


Reasons To Reset Comfort Zone Heater

In rare circumstances, the heater’s reset button will trip independently. This is typical because the heater has been configured in certain circumstances. The reset button on the heater may trip under the following cases.


#1. Bad thermostat

A thermostat is perhaps the essential part of the comfort zone heater since it regulates the temperature in the house. A broken thermostat may prevent your heater from switching on. The following are some of the most likely causes of this issue: Inadequate heating/miscalibration of the thermostat having a bad connection, which causes erroneous temperature readings. You may also be interested to know how to tell if your thermostat needs to be replaced.


#2. Clogged air filter

The comfort zone heater’s replacement air filter is an essential component that protects the heating coil. If the air filter gets clogged, the heater’s function may be interrupted. Other factors contributing to this issue include the blocked filter and decreased airflow.


#3. Problems with internal components

When there is a problem with the control system’s internal components, the comfort zone heater might cease working correctly. A few elements make up the system of internal control. When one of the functions fails, the complete heating system shuts off. The preceding are some of the other causes: Its on and off-switch isn’t working correctly, a button on the thermostat is malfunctioning.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to reset comfort zone heater. The reset process is easy if you follow this article carefully. Be careful when you are trying to reset your heater. You need to use all safety measurements you avoid any mishap. You may also want to read about which infrared heater is best and what is the best heater space heater for large rooms. Thank you, friends, for reading this article.

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