How To Reset A Kenmore Washer? Easy Step-By-step Guide!

You may be wondering how to reset a Kenmore washer? Are you worried because your Kenmore washer is not working correctly? Is your Kenmore washer facing problems while agitating? Do not worry; the minor issues can easily get solved by simply resetting the washer. This article will provide you with a step to step guide.

 After 8 to 10 years of buying a washer, the washer may cause some problems in its operation or would not work correctly.

how to reset a Kenmore washer

The problem can be a broken belt, blocked hoses, not spinning, and many more. You don’t have to call for help immediately. Before contacting any repairman or customer service, examine the problem. Because sometimes the problem is not that big and you can quickly solve it by resetting the washer.


How Does A Kenmore Washer Work?

Each Kenmore washer has knobs or buttons available to start and set the washing machine accordingly. You have to select the settings of your own choice and need. You can begin a Kenmore washer by following these steps.

  • Firstly, select the settings according to the load or number of clothes you want to wash. The washer control panel has options ranging from low to high, and you can choose according to your need.
  • In the second step, set the temperature of the water as per the fabric of your clothes.
  • Set your cycle, washing machine cycle means at the speed at which the washer agitates.
  • Now, pour some detergent into your washer. Many washers have a separate detergent bin, but the best way is by putting detergent directly in the washer drum.
  • Lastly, turn your washer on, and your Kenmore washer is all set to work efficiently.


Steps to Reset A Kenmore Washer

When you face problems in the working of your Kenmore washer, resetting it is the best option. Follow these steps correctly to reset your washer. Sp, h0w to reset a Kenmore washer?

  • Press the off button on the control panel to turn off your washer.
  • Disconnect or unplug your washer from the power source.
  • Keep it like this for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Then, select a wash cycle option and restart your washer.
  • Some washer resetting needs frequent opening and closing of washer lid 12 times within 6 seconds.

Resetting the washer helps to solve the minor problems that occur in a washer. I suggest you read about how to operate a Kenmore washer machine


Reasons Why A Kenmore Washer Needs To Be Reset

There are many cases in which a washer needs resetting. These problems include a broken belt, loose lid, broken motor coupling, etc. Sometimes, the washer takes more than the average time during a wash cycle. It can be due to a defect in the washer.


Reason #01. Improper filling of water in the washer

If your washer drum is not filled with water, the problem may be in the inlet hoses. Blockage in hoses also causes the inadequate distribution of water.

To help overcome this issue, first, turn off the washer. Remove the inlet hoses from the back of your washer. Clean the screen of the stockings with a small brush, and connect them again after cleaning. You will not face water shortage during washing again.


Reason #02. Washer not draining

Is your washer not draining properly? And now you are tense over this issue? Do not worry; we all have been in situations like these. The improper or no draining in the washer can be due to a defective motor.

You can replace the motor coupling quickly by following a few easy steps. And your washer will start working again. It may also be a good idea to know the right way of plumbing washing machine drain


Reason #03. Washer not spinning

The prime reason why your Kenmore washer is not spinning can be a loosely closed door. If the door of your washer is not closed correctly, the washer will not spin. Another reason for this is a lousy motor board.

You can easily see the motor board after removing the control panel; if the motor board is giving out a burning smell, it means you need to repair or replace it. It may be helpful to read the right way of plumbing washing machine drain.  


Reason #04. Noise from washer

If your washer makes constant noises, it may be because the washer is not leveled. Placing the washer on an imbalance surface cause this noise. You can put the washer on a pedestal to avoid this issue.

The metal buttons and knobs present on a washer also make this noise while the washer is spinning. You may also be interested to read LG washer making loud noise when spinning.


Reason #05. Closed washer door

In sporadic cases, the washer door does not open after the completion of the cycle. It is because the washer has mistaken some information. You can set your washer to drain and spin to solve this issue. Your washer door will open after this step.


It’s A Wrap!

You can quickly solve these above-discussed problems by detecting the possible cause. If you accurately know how to reset a Kenmore washer, you can save a lot of the time and money you give to a repairman. You can easily replace, repair, and clean the defective part by following smooth tips and tricks. Resetting a washer can solve your problems and can save you time and energy. Troubleshoot the situation and enjoy a good laundry day!

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