How to Reset a Flexsteel Recliner

The Flexsteel recliner is a very high-end product that can be quite expensive. That is why it’s important to know how to reset the control mechanism in case you are having problems with your unit.

This guide will show you how, and save your money on an unnecessary repair bill!


Steps on Resetting a Flexsteel Recliner Control

Step One: Turn off the power by unplugging or turning the breaker switch off. Remove any cords from the outlet, if applicable.

Step Two: Forcefully pull the recliner lever away from the current position until it clicks back into the first position.

Step Three: Plugin recliner cord. Turn breaker switch on, or plug-in power adapter. Recline and enjoy your Flexsteel recliner!


How to Prevent Wear and Tear on a Flexsteel Recliner

It is important that you follow these guidelines to ensure the longevity of your new unit. Failure to do so could lead to costly repairs in the future!  These simple steps will help maintain a clean and healthy environment, for both people and their furniture:

  • Use coasters when setting drinks on surfaces made with wood or hardwood
  • Avoid putting small objects on the furniture. They can scratch and damage your recliner
  • Clean spills from surfaces made with wood or hardwood as soon as possible to avoid stains that are difficult to remove
  • Keep pets off of furniture, especially when they are wet or have been rolling in dirt! Pets’ claws can break down  the adhesive and surfaces on the furniture
  • Clean your recliner from time to time with mild soap and a damp cloth.
  • Avoid exposing your recliner to unnecessary sunlight, rain, or heat which can cause fading at any point of contact.


How to Deep a Flexsteel Recliner

Deep cleaning a recliner is easy. All you need to do is vacuum the crevices, using an attachment that has bristles and can reach them. Remember: Always start at the top of your seat first!

Then move towards the armrests and base (or bottom). If there are any hard-to-reach places such as the headrest, you can use a vacuum extension attachment to clean it.

After vacuuming your recliner, you should wipe down any fabric surfaces with a wet cloth and mild soap (or an upholstery cleaner). Let everything dry before using the chair again. You might also want to consider investing in some furniture covers for extra protection.


How to Fix Flexsteel Recliner Control Mechanism

If your recliner’s power button doesn’t work, the most likely cause is that it has been bumped or something heavy was placed on top of it.

This can usually be remedied by removing whatever caused the problem and then pushing down firmly on the power button until you feel resistance. The best way to make sure this fix takes hold is to unplug the recliner and plug it back in.

If you noticed that the power button was doing something unusual (i.e., flickering on and off) before your problem arose, then perhaps one of the circuit boards is shorted out or damaged beyond repair. This will require a professional to fix; however, many furniture retailers offer in-home service.

If you’re not able to reset your power button, give it a real hard slam with the palm of your hand and see if that helps at all. Not being able to hit the power switch can be frustrating!


What is a Flexsteel Recliner Control?

The Flexsteel recliner control is the part of your unit that you use to move the chair around. It’s how you change from an upright sitting position, or a completely reclined position and anywhere in between.

You might be having problems with your remote if it no longer functions properly. Here are some steps on how to reset it so you can get back to your reclining.


Benefits of Owning a Flexsteel Recliner

  • You can lounge in it how you please.
  • It’s a comfortable, luxurious way to relax after a long day of work or school.
  • They make great additions to any home theater room so everyone has their own recliner!


How to Deep Clean Flexsteel Recliners

If you want to keep the fabric on your Flexsteel recliner looking new, and protect it from spills or stains, use these tips.

  • Use a vacuum with an attachment designed for the upholstery to get rid of any loose dirt that might be in between the cushions.
  • Buy furniture polish like Lemon Pledge®  or Murphy® Oil Soap to keep your recliner well-maintained and looking great.
  • Give the fabric a good, thorough vacuuming before applying any type of cleaner or polish.
  • Take care when using a chemical-based cleaning agent on synthetic fabrics because this can cause damage over time from how it interacts with the fabric.
  • Leave the polish on for about 15 minutes before wiping off and buffing with a clean cloth in circular motions to restore luster and sheen to your chair’s fabric.


What type of Detergent to Use for My Recliner?

It’s always a good idea to do some research before using any type of detergent on your furniture.

Many people use dish soap but this isn’t the best option because it can leave behind a filmy film or residue that will attract more dirt and dust which will then need to be cleaned again, defeating the purpose. 

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