How To Replace Wood Stove Glass? 5 Easy Steps Just For You!

Are you wondering how to replace wood stove glass? Has your appliance gone into some problem wherein the glass needs replacement, or you just had the feel to change it because it looks old already? If your decision is a yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we can help you figure out how to do things but more efficiently without the hassle.

For starters, you must know about what you are doing. So to have that knowledge, you must learn how to replace a wood stove glass. It may be fragile sometimes, so handle it with care; even if it may be old, it still can be used for various materials or as a spare otherwise, let us continue.

how to replace wood stove glass

To have all the necessary information you need on this topic that we will discuss in this article today, you must read more of it until its conclusion. You may be able to get a hold of some terms that might come in useful in the future when needed. So without further ado, let us now jump right into it.


Steps To Replace Wood Stove Glass

Before doing the process, it is essential to know what you are dealing with; otherwise, you might face the consequences later. So here are some written steps that you might want to follow. Use these as a guide for replacing, so how to replace wood stove glass?


Step #1. Preparation before the glass operation

Wood stoves are known to be messy due to the excess ashes left inside the appliance. So to avoid that from getting in contact with the surface area, placing a bunch of plastic, newspapers, and anything that you can use for catching the ashes will help avoid messiness and dirtiness around the work area.

If you want better security, you can tape all the newspapers together to stick and hold nicely. From there on, make less contact with it since newspapers easily get ripped when too much pull or weight is applied to the surface that is placed in the area of your workspace.


Step #2. Cleaning the wood stove door

Now for this part, since it is the one that holds the position that we are going to replace today, clean it using a damp cloth or, if possible, soap and water solution. It may take some time cleaning, but I promise you. It’ll all be cleared and will look like it is new-looking.

If you can remove the door, you’ll want to remove it from the main body to loosen some parts. Please don’t be scared; it is only held by hinges to easily removable, replaceable, and many more that you want to do with the door. Now, let us further move on to the next step of the process. If I were you, know how to make wood stove look new


Step #3.  Removing the glass door from your device

Now, loosen the latches or unscrew the screws to remove the glass from the door. Use a lubricant (one of the examples of these is WD-40) and pliers to remove the glass if it becomes tough to withdraw owing to residue build-up. Consult your owner’s handbook if you’re having difficulties finding out how to remove the glass.

Once you’ve successfully removed the glass, put it in a place where it cannot be touched while doing some activities since we all know that it is fragile enough to be played around.

In addition to that, with just little touch, the glass may break due to its oldness, so to avoid that from happening, always handle it with care. To give you more information, read on replacing the glass on your stove door


Step #4. Replacing the gasket (optional step)

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to replace your gasket since our primary goal is to replace your wood stove’s glass. This is optional. If you want to replace the gasket, then now’s a perfect time. Remove the old gasket coming from the door, then replace it with a new one. Voila, new gasket for you.

When doing this, ensure that everything has been prepared or set to avoid further injuries that might happen with any notice. We’ll want to avoid that as much as possible; you might get yourself burned if you do it without context. To give you a clear perspective, know how to replace braided gaskets on wood stoves. 


Step #5. Finalization and setting of new glass to the door

Replace the catches and tighten the screws after installing the new ceramic glass in the door. Always remember not to pull it too much. Over tightening the screws might cause the ceramic glass to crack.

When exposed to severe heat, it will require some area to expand, and pulling the screws might shatter glass.

You can test it afterward to see if it works for you. If not, you better start doing it once again from first down to the final step if you want to achieve that excellent and brand new-looking wood stove at home.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you already have an idea about how to replace wood stove glass. With that, I hope you have learned a lot today and can apply these learnings that you’ve gotten for future usage. Keep hold of these as they may come in handy or essential at the right time. Do you want to read more of articles about stoves? You can check out on how to clean rusty wood stove. Thank you for reading!

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