How To Replace Water Tube For Fridge? 7 Straightforward Steps!

Does your refrigerator water line leak, so you want to know how to replace water tube for fridge? Although this technique may be complex for people who are not plumbers, we will nevertheless take you through it. And this process includes about seven steps.

Water tubes typically exist to provide your fridge with a sufficient water supply for water and ice dispensers. And they should last longer and have a life expectancy similar to your fridge. However, if it’s not well-maintained, there might be contaminants or blockages in the tube. For example, some stuck materials could prevent water flow and cause a tear in the surfaces.

As a result, your dispensers might now give you enough ice and drinking water because your water line is damaged. And this will require immediate replacement. So, why don’t you continue reading to learn more about the steps for water line replacement?


Replacing Fridge Water Tube

So, your whole water line should consist of two tubes that connect to the fridge and valve, respectively. However, some only have one single line, and in this guide, we’re going to consider that there’s a tear between them. So, now, we’re going to share with you the steps we gathered on how to replace water tube for fridge. And here they are:


Step #1. Unplug your unit

Press the power button on your control board in the fridge door and unplug the cable from the outlet. This step will avoid any electric shocks and accidents. Also, you need to give yourself enough access to the back part of your fridge, so slightly pull it away from the wall. Finally, ensure that the fridge legs won’t scrape the floor and cause damage.


Step #2. Turn off the water supply

Locate the valve for the water source, which can usually be seen under the sink or through the wall. So, it depends on your home’s plumbing. Once you’ve located the valve, turn the switch off. For now, don’t worry about the excess water in the tube since we’re going to drain them later.


Step #3. Disconnect the tube from the fridge

First, locate where the line is connected, and you should see a ring that connects the line to that component. Som we’re going to loosen that ring using an adjustable wrench. Also, use a flathead screw to loosen the screw that holds your water line on the back of your fridge. After, you can directly wiggle the tube out gently from the refrigerator.


Step #4. Detach the other end from the valve

Since we will replace both tubes, we will also disconnect the one connected to the saddle valve. Like the previous step, use your adjustable wrench to loosen the compression nut attached to the valve, which looks like the ring earlier. Once you’ve loosened it up entirely, excess water will ooze out so you can place a container before you pull it out from the valve.


Step #5. Prepare your water line kit

You can buy this kit in any hardware store or from the manufacturer of your fridge. The water line kit should contain the tube/s, screws, and other small metal components to secure the water line tightly. Also, before opening the package, make sure that it’s complete so that the replacement will be successful.


Step #6. Attach the new tubes

We’re going to start with the end that connects to the saddle valve. So, take out your compression but with the ferrule from the kit and also prepare your wrench. First, place your ferrule inside the end of the tube, which will prevent the pipe from crimping, but it could still allow water flow. Then, insert the compression nut and place it on the saddle valve.

Use your adjustable wrench to tighten the tube in place. Next, you can switch on the valve to test it out and let the water ooze out of a container. With this, we can flush out any contaminants or chemical taste from the tube. Now, close the valve for the meantime, and we’ll attach the other end to the fridge.

Like the other end, prepare your compression nut and ferrule insert. Then, we’re going to place the ferrule on the other end and insert the compression nut. Next, connect it to the refrigerator and tighten it with the adjustable wrench. Finally, secure the tube on the back of your fridge with the screw and metal clip.


Step #7. Finishing touches and testing it out

Finishing touches will include organizing the extra tubes secured to the wall and keep them from scattering. Next, you can use some metal clips and screws to hold them to the wall. After that, switch on your valve, and we’re going to test the water supply.


Wrapping Up

And that is how to replace water tube for fridge. To maintain the lifespan of your water line and fridge, you should clean it regularly and check for any signs of blockages. With this, you will not only reduce its risk of being damaged, but you can also provide your dispensers with enough water supply.

We hope we successfully addressed your concern and that this article provided you with what you need. But note that you will always have the option to call in a professional, specifically a plumber, and help him by providing all the tools required, such as the kit and wrench.  Regardless, you might want to learn how to install a fridge as well. Thank you, and have a great day!

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