How To Replace Water Damaged Laminate Dresser Sides: 7 Steps

If you wonder how to replace water damaged laminate dresser sides, there are seven steps you can easily follow. You only need to let the dresser dry out, remove damaged areas, replace the laminate, and apply finishing touches. In this article, we will explain that one by one.

Aside from that, we will also let you know how water damages your laminated dresser sides and how much you will need to spend to replace them. Continue reading this article as we go through it!

how to replace water damaged laminate dresser sides


How Does Water Damage Laminate Dresser Sides?

Many people have known laminate as a more resilient material to gouges and scratches compared to wood veneer. However, as much as it is suitable for blemishes, it is also highly susceptible to water damages, significantly when not installed correctly.

Improper laminate installation can attract water to seep inside, causing moisture that leads to bubbling, lifting, or warping. Aside from that, laminate can also encounter damages when exposed to rain, flood, and water leaks. When these situations happen, any laminate furniture, such as dressers, becomes unpleasant or, worse, nonfunctional.

Dealing with water damaged laminate dresser sides can be pretty different on how to repair water damaged wood dresser. You will need to take care of this matter differently compared to any ordinary wood dresser. You will need to remove the damaged laminate and replace them with new ones.


How Do You Replace Water Damaged Dresser Sides?

If you already know how to repair water damaged laminate furniture, you will have an idea of how to replace your water damaged dresser sides. Otherwise, if you still do not have any idea about it, we will guide you instead! Listed here are easy steps you can follow.


Step #1. Let the dresser dry out

First, you will need to let the dresser dry out. Ensure that it becomes wholly dried out before starting the replacing process. It will be best to let it dry naturally under the heat of the sun.

Moreover, if there is mold growth on the dresser, you must remove them too. Clean it thoroughly using bleach solutions. Doing this step may take time, so ensure to allocate ample time for it.


Step #2. Fix the leading cause of the water damage

While waiting for your dresser to dry out, you must find the cause of the water damage and fix it immediately. Be it a water leak, flood, or anything else. Aside from that, if you placed your dresser in an area prone to water damages, it is best to relocate it.


Step #3. Peel off water damaged laminate

Carefully remove the damaged laminate from the dresser. You may use a contact cement release agent to dissolve the adhesives that hold the laminate. Scrape it all off until the bare wood becomes visible.

After that, let the contact cement release agent dry up before putting on the new laminate. You can place your dresser in a low-humidity, well-ventilated area to help dry it out.


Step #4. Apply new contact cement or glue

Prepare a new mixture of resin glue or contact cement. You can follow the instructions on the label of the product you have chosen. Put enough adhesives on the surface of the dresser and wait for 30 minutes until it becomes sticky.


Step #5. Put on new laminate on the dresser sides

Get your new laminate and press it down hard enough to let it stick on the adhesives. You can use masking tape to help. After that, place a thin plastic over the tape.

Carefully place heavy objects above the laminate to keep the laminate in place. Please wait for a day to let the adhesives dry up.


Step #6. Sand the surface of the dresser

After the adhesives dry up, remove the heavy objects, tape, and thin plastic. Use 100-grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the laminate.


Step #7. Finishing touches

Using a soft cloth, apply a penetrating oil finish to the laminated wood dresser. Let it sink for a while, and put on another coat after that.

After the penetrating oil finish, spray a coat of lacquer and let it dry for 30 minutes. Use 120-grit sandpaper for sanding it, and put on one more coat to finish.


How Much Will It Cost You In Replacing Water Damaged Laminate Dresser Sides?

Replacing and repairing furniture differ in expenses. For instance, dressers may cost you $300 to $1000. However, the price may depend on the details, size, and extent of damage your dresser sides have.

Moreover, it can also cost you more if you hire a professional handyperson to replace the laminate for you. If you want to save money, you may also contact your insurance company to ask if their insurance coverage includes this matter.



Water can be strong enough to ruin various things in our house. Unfortunately, it can destroy even the sides of your lovely laminated dresser. When in doubt whether you can save your dresser’s life or not, a few steps on how to replace water damaged laminate dresser sides can be your savior!

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