How To Replace The Timer On Maytag Washer? 6 Easy Steps!

How to replace the timer on Maytag washer? You have to purchase a compatible timer for the washer first before making any adjustments and repairing a broken timer in your machine.

Whenever we buy a new appliance, it is a must to know how it works. Of course, you should know how to use them properly to avoid getting them damaged and use the appliance for a long time.

how to replace the timer on Maytag washer

The same thing applies to washers. I know how convenient it works for many housewives that do their household chores, but won’t it be a problem that they don’t work the way they should? Well in this article, we’ll teach you how to troubleshoot your washer if the timer is damaged. The steps on how to replace the timer are also included, so sit up, relax and read up.



A washer is one of the greatest inventions of man throughout history. Are you wondering why? Of course, because no one wants to do the laundry by hand if they are too busy with other household chores. Although how convenient it may be, there are times when washers can ruin your daily routines. I am specifically talking about the timers installed in the washers. What if these timers don’t work the way they should?


When To Replace The Timer On Maytag Washer

When everybody is busy with their problems, here you think that your washer’s timer is broken. Well, to let you know how to tell if the timer is faulty, you could check the following signs below.


Sign #1. The timer doesn’t advance to all of the cycles

Before you try to repair your faulty washer timer, try to troubleshoot it first by conducting a continuity test with a digital multimeter. To be able to do this safely, you will need to unplug the washer from the outlet. The failure advance might be due to a defective motor timer. Check for the continuity from the plug to any other end or=f the wiring harness motor contacts. Your digital multimeter may produce a beeping sound when there is continuity and none if there isn’t.

There will be a pictorial diagram at the back of the machine that indicates the corresponding contacts for the timer sockets. If the multimeter indicates resistance, then the motor is functional and none if not.


Sign #2. Works in some cycles only

The timers may only work in some cycles. This is because some of the timer’s contacts are detached or are in an open position. The only thing you could do to check is to conduct a continuity test.

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Sign #3. Certain functions of the cyles don’t work

If the same part of the cycle is not working the way it should, then the problem is probably not the timer. Some components have shifting mechanisms in them. Although if the problem occurs only with one cycle setting, then the timer is damaged.


Steps To Replace The Timer On Maytag Washer

So, how to replace the timer on Maytag washer? You could do the replacement process all by yourself or hire a professional to do the job. If you ever choose to repair it yourself, here are the steps to help you with it.


Step #1. Safety first

When handling electronic devices, you should always practice safety precautions first. One of which is to wear protective gear. Wear a pair of work gloves and safety goggles throughout the process. Also, make sure to unplug the machine before tinkering on the electrical connections.


Step #2. Remove the knob and knob skirt

You can start by removing the center position of the knob using a flat head screwdriver. Then take the clip that holds the timer shaft off. Next is to pull the knob off together with the spring attached to it. Remove the screws that secure the timer from the console by sliding the knob skirt off.


Step #3. Open the console

The next step involves removing the faulty timer from the console. After loosening the screws, you can now open the console. Two screws attach to the console; you have to unscrew them to expose the faulty timer. Then disconnect the wire connectors from the malfunctioning part of the washer. Read how to open a washing machine’s casing.


Step #4. Attach the wire connectors to the new timer. 

In reconnecting the wire connectors, make sure to press them firmly to ensure that the wires are firmly connected. Place the locking tab on the wire harness to ensure that the connectors will not disengage. 


Step #5. Place the other parts back on

Place the timer shaft back to the console b re-attaching the screws that you removed earlier. Line the console with the control housing and re-attach the screws that you removed earlier. Place the knob skirt before the spring and slide it to the knob. Attach the clip on the knob and screw the top back on to complete the repair. Make sure not to forget any parts unattached.


Step #6. Testing

Test your timer by plugging the machine into the outlet. Throw in a load and try washing the laundry just like what you usually do. Then see if the timer works well as it should do.


Where To Buy A Washer Timer?

Well, if you want to replace your washer’s timer, you have to get one compatible with your washer’s model. In any case, you could visit a local hardware store or check some out online. You may also read about where to buy apartment-size washer and dryer



Now you know how to replace the timer on Maytag washer. You could simply hire a professional to do the job or do it yourself to save you some dollars for the repair. In any case, a broken machine should not hinder your household chores, instead help you out. Check out related articles; know how to install washer drain hose and how to clean washer drain hoses.

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