How To Replace The Rubber Seal On The Front Load Washer? 9 Easy Steps!

Are you trying to search for how to replace the rubber seal on the front load washer? Well, you can return the rubber seal by putting off the washer door. After that, remove the old seal by loosening the bolts or screw that holds the rubber seal in the fixed position.

Once you’re prepared to install a new rubber seal, lubricate it with some hot water and detergent to make it simpler to replace.

how to replace the rubber seal on the front load washer

The washer rubber gasket gets wet with time during every spin cycle, and water becomes permanently left on the base of the rubber seal, causing it to become ruined by leaks, mold, and die.  But don’t worry, my friends, if you ever need to replace the rubber seal but you don’t know where to start. We’ll show you how to replace the door seal without causing damage to your washer door! Just continue reading.


Steps To Replace The Rubber Seal On The Front Load Washer

Because of regular use, the front load washer door rubber seals will inevitably be worn out. The gasket rubber seal that connects the washer tub to the motor is highly inelastic. Focus on saving cash by replacing the rubber seal by yourself as quickly as water begins to seep from the washer’s base. After reading these steps, you’ll learn how to replace the rubber seal on the front load washer?


Step #1. Unplug the washer

Disconnect the power cable from the washer and disconnect it from the primary power circuit. Remove the front load washer first from the socket by turning off the hose.


Step #2. Loosen the screws

If necessary, locate the adjusting screw that secures the control center to the upper cover of the washer. These nuts are present at the base of the control panel frame, although they can also be placed at the backside of the front load washer. The screws might be covered under the side lid that snaps off. Rather than screws, elastic clips are used in later editions. If you find it suitable, remove the music cover plates from the control panel’s outside edges. For canning, use a Phillips driver to take out the two bolts from the reduced edges or the bottom of the panel frame.


Step #3. Remove the control panel

Raise the control panel when it is no longer in the line. Push the control panel connector directly outside from the wire connector adapter to remove it. In the apertures in front of the control panel holding the washer’s casing hooks, push the head of a sharp screwdriver down. To remove the elastic clips, pull the handle backward. Pull the cabinet off the machine by tilting it towards you, sliding it ahead, then removing it from the machine. Know how to remove the control panel from the Whirlpool duet sport.


 Step #4. Remove the hose

Using a set of tube tweezers, remove the spring-loaded clip from the steam spout on the top rear of the tub. Remove the hose from the outlet. Hold the bottom of the spout’s two tabs. Push the jet out by rotating the front of it up. You may want to read about how to install washer drain hose


Step #5. Remove the dispenser

After the above step, lift the dispenser from in the upward direction to remove the tub seal. There was a blue color time light that was present beneath the detergent dispenser. Before uninstalling the detergent dispenser, take out the lock ring upside.


Step #6. Remove the rubber seal

By using a wrench and measuring tape, connect a 7/16-inch hole. Plugged the socket into the rubber seal screw. Loosen the locking nuts and washer while holding the lower edge of the agitator firm with one hand. Remove the rubber seal from the motor shaft and put it aside. Fit the lugs of a washing machine ring screw into the holes in front of the shaft bucket nut and move it across the agitator shaft. Unplug the tub screws and put them aside.


Step #7. Remove the tub

Locate at least eight tabs that secure the ring of the plastic tub to the tub’s top. To release the tabs, pull the ring present at the upper of the tub toward the account near it on the downside and then base the tab outside. Remove the inner tub of the washer by unplugging the tub ring. With the help of a hammer, remove the drive motor pulley from the drive box. 


Step #8. Replace rubber seal

Cover the rotator drive with a thin layer of spray lubrication. Remove the outer tub from the shaft by lifting it straight up and placing it on the side. Using your fingertips, remove the damaged rubber seal of the washer tub from the base of the tub. After that, replace the new rubber seal around the tub by pushing the tub up and downward. Exert a force on the rubber seal so that it fits appropriately around the tub. 


Step #9. Reconnect the washer

When replacement is done, the last step is to re-insert the power cables into the wall socket. Re-establish the supply of water. Check that the machine is operating correctly and not leaking from any side by turning it on. Know how to use a washer


It’s A Wrap!

My friends, we hope that you’ll understand how to replace the rubber seal on the front load washer. So, if your washer rubber seal was worn out and you don’t know how to replace it, the thing you have to do is to follow these steps and replace it! It may also be a good idea to know how to clean mold from the front load washer gasket!

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