Easiest 5-Step Tutorial On How To Replace Sling Chair Fabric

All furniture will show signs of wear and age as time goes by. That’s why it is important to know how to replace sling chair fabric, as it can save you some cash rather than buying a new one. Remember that the key to doing this is with careful measurement and tons of patience.

Even though sling chairs are made to last a long time, elements such as exposure to the sun, weather, and how you store it can affect its life. If you notice some discolorations, tears, or faded fabrics, then it’s time to think about replacing it.

how to replace sling chair fabric

So, get your papers and pens ready as we talk about how to rework your sling chair and some tips on which fabric you should use!


What Is A Sling Chair?

Traditionally, people make sling chairs using wood. However, materials like metal frames and heavy-duty plastic types of sling chairs have also appeared in the market. This chair features a seat made with a single sheet of fabric and is used often as outdoor furniture.

What makes sling chairs the most popular choice for patio decor is because you’ll need almost zero effort to clean them. Another thing about sling chairs is that they are relatively easy to store — making them the best chair to bring during camping or other outdoor activities.


Steps On How To Install New Fabric For Sling Chairs


Step #1. Measure your chair

Before anything else, get the length measurement of your sling rail from the end of your sling rail seat until the other end. Make sure to make little allowances for readjustments that may occur when installing the new fabric.

Then, you also have to determine the width by measuring the outer channels up until the opposite side. You can use a fiberglass measuring tape to do this.


Step #2. Disassemble the chair frame

Now that you’ve taken notes of all the measurements, it’s time to strip your chair frame. Use gloves and necessary protective gear as you remove bolts, caps, and support bars. Ensure that you’re using the correct tools to avoid ruining the frameworks and possible health hazards.

You may also want to mark the bars as an indication of where you removed them from. Doing this makes it easier to assemble it all back together later.


Step #3. Cut out your fabric

You will need a marker or a pencil to make a pattern for your new fabric for this step. Kindly refer to your early measurements on where you need to cut the replacement seat material. You could also look at the old fabric to see how big you need your fabric to be.

It’s essential to take notes on where the bolts will go once you start to reassemble your sling chair. It would help if you also label which part of your panel is the top and back to avoid having an upside-down fabric.


Step #4. Sewing the panels

The first part that you have to sew is for the helms of your fabric. Do this by grabbing both ends of your panel and fold it inwards by one inch. Stitch these using a sewing machine that can handle materials as thick as those used in sling chairs.

Stitch the sleeves of your sling chair by flipping it and folding half an inch on the length of the fabric. Then from the end of that, fold another two inches. Please keep them in place with pins as you sew them to make sure you don’t make any stitching mistakes.


Step #5. Insert the fabric and reassemble the chair

Once finished with stitching, insert the material back to the sling chair by sliding a new spline on the helms of the panel. Then, leave at least an extra inch spline sticking at the ends of the helm. Using that excess spline, insert your fabric into the sling channel.

Reassemble the chair by inserting some spreader bars to ensure that your chair is free from any wrinkles. Then, finish it by putting all the screws, bolts, and other parts that you removed before.

Try to twist the screws by hand before using wrenches or an electric tool to close those off. Do this to make sure that the threads stay in their positions.


What Fabrics To Use For A Sling Chair

  • Phifertex

If you’re looking for something sturdy, you’ll like Phifertex. This material is one of the top leading brands when it comes to outdoor products. Phifertex boasts a highly durable 100% PVC-covered polyester that ensures resistance to weather, abrasion, and growth of bacteria.

  • Sunbrella Sling

Another popular fabric for sling chairs, Sunbrella Sling features PVC-coated acrylics. It has a more traditional look because it is made by interweaving acrylic fibers polyesters coated with PVC. However, it’s less stable and could sag faster than Phifertex.

  • Textilene

Textilene promotes strength and beauty with its polyester yarns that are coated individually with PVC. It can even block 80% of sun rays, making it an ideal choice for outdoor items like umbrellas or sunshades. This fabric also offers a variety of designs that you can choose from to match your style.



Sling chairs are not usually the type of chair to get damaged easily. However, just in case it does, learning how to replace sling chair fabric can be a valuable skill to have. Just remember to make correct measurements, and be careful when breaking down the frameworks!

This project can be pretty tricky, especially if it’s your first time doing it. There’s no harm in consulting with a professional to know more about how to do it right.

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