How To Replace O-Ring In Pressure Washer Wand? 4 Easy Steps!

Have you noticed water leaking in your pressure washer wand and want to learn how to replace o-ring in pressure washer wand? Continue reading to discover how to deal with the leakage and how to replace the o-ring in your pressure washer wand. Say goodbye to old and poor performance o-rings!

Replacing an o-ring in a pressure washer wand is an easy task, but you must be careful handling the new o-rings, especially if this is your first time.

how to replace o-ring in pressure washer wand

Well-experienced in replacing o-rings can at least finish the job for a few minutes, but still, your experience will also teach you. Following the five steps on how to replace o-ring in your pressure washer wand will be done quicker than you thought it would be. O-rings are breakable and handled with care. It would cost you time and money if you repeatedly break them. To avoid this situation, you need a proper tool to detach the washer wand and the o-ring.


What Is An O-Ring?

Most people are not familiar with the o-rings and often ask about the importance of a pressure washer and spray gun. If you notice a water leakage between the joints in between the pressure washer and your spray gun, you need to replace your o-ring. The o-ring acts as a sealer of the connection, which means it seals air, water, or gas and prevents it from escaping. O-rings are not only used in pressure washers but also in other dynamic or static applications. On the other hand, o-rings in pressure washers are made of nitrile rubber (NBR).

According to Wikipedia, most o-rings are used in sealing machines, as it is known to be inexpensive, reliable, and, lastly, easy to make. In addition, there are various sizes of o-rings sold in the market and are very common. So, if you need to replace your o-rings, you can purchase them easily.


Steps To Replace O-ring In Pressure Washer

Whenever using your pressure washer, a small amount of water may leak in between the joints (pressure washer and spray wand), which will give you a hint on the poor performance of the o-rings. It’s about time you replace the old parts, but if there are no leaks yet, you can either disassemble it or clean off the dust and dirt for a smoother water flow and solution. It’s a huge advantage if you already have clues or know how to replace o-ring in pressure washer wand.


Step #1. Prepare tools

It will be advantageous to use a specific tool that will help you loosen the connection between the joints. All you need is a wrench, tweezers or nose fliers,  penetrating oil or lubricants, and preferably, a table-top vise grip. Then, remove the wand using a wrench or a table-top vise grip. You can also use a glove to protect your hands.


Step #2.  Remove old o-rings

After removing the wand, you can now remove the old o-ring. The o-rings can quickly determine the o-ring, as it is a black and circle-shaped rubber located in the groove. Then, apply a penetrating oil or lubricant. It will help you soften the area and remove the o-rings easily. After you apply the oils, you can slowly remove the old o-rings. If your old o-rings break, it’s okay. You won’t need it anyway. After you successfully remove it, you can also clean the joining points with a white piece of cloth to remove any dust, grime, and rust.  


Step #3. Attach the new o-ring

In handling your new o-rings, you must carefully attach them. O rings are sensitive and easily break off. So, it’s better to insert or attach them into the groove slowly but securely. If your lubricant or oils dried up after you cleaned the inside with a cloth, you can put a small amount inside to help you push down the o-rings. Slowly put the o-ring on the surface and push it down using a tweezer or nose fliers. If you do not have a tweezer and nose pliers at home, you can substitute them with another tool that can go through the hole. Push until it is settled securely into the groove.


Step #4. Reinstall the wand

It is the last step in a row, reinstalling the joints. After you have successfully installed the new o-ring to its place, you can now proceed into attaching each end. You can use a table-top vise grip or wrench to connect them securely.  You might feel that placing the new o-ring is challenging, as you need to attach it and prevent it from breaking carefully. As your experience grows, you will find this task easy. Soon, you can replace the o-rings in the pressure washer wand in less than five minutes. But, if you’re focused on cleaning this part of your pressure washer, you can do the same process. If your o-rings are doing a good job and do not need any replacement, you can remove and install them again after cleaning. You may also want to read about how to build a pressure washer trailer.


It’s A Wrap! 

Following the basic steps on how to replace o-ring in pressure washer wand, you do not need to confuse yourself and do the task successfully. Know that breaking the o-rings commonly happens, but soon you will discover tricks on it based on your personal experience. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to change pressure washer pump oil and how to clean siding without a pressure washer.

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