How To Replace Heating Element In Water Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to replace heating element in water heater? Follow these six quick guides and replace them in less than 10 minutes!

Yes, replacing heating elements isn’t that hard and commonly replaced by homeowners. If you are confident and understand the steps in replacing the heating elements, you can finish this task quickly.

how to replace heating element in water heater

Heating elements fail over time, and just like any other part that fails, you will require to purchase a replacement to maintain or make it work again. Some clues can help you pinpoint that your heating elements in the water heater are failing, such as it does not produce warm water or produce warm water that quickly gets cold. To help you enjoy the hot water again, you need to replace the water heating elements.


What Is A Water Heating Element? 

The water heating element is what makes your water heater produces hot water. The heating elements only exist in electric heaters. Gas-powered water heaters do not support this heating system as it uses a burner to heathen the water. Locate at the upper and lower part of the tank. To replace the heating element on the upper, you will need some tools to help you remove the access cover and wear protective gear like gloves to protect your hands. If you prefer, you can wear goggles to protect your eyes. If you are ready to learn, let’s jump on how you can replace heating element in water heater, read the article further below! 


Steps To Replace Heating Element In Water Heater

The steps will help you remove and install a new heating element. This task is easy to begin and finish with but take note that you have to do this process step by step to prevent unwanted situations and avoid accidents that can harm you physically. If you are confused with the steps below, ask a licensed technician to help you or do the task. Your safety is our main priority. On the other hand, if you are knowledgeable about this device, let’s start unveiling how to replace heating element in water heater. 


Step #1. Turn off the electric supply

Turning the electric supply before anything else is very important. Please do not operate if the power is on, as this may cause an electrical shock that can cause you physical injury or, worse, loss of life. Please ensure the electric supply turns off. If your electric water heater has an individual circuit breaker, go towards it and turn it off. If you have not installed a separate breaker, go to your main electric utility breaker, turn it off, and switch off the water heater. You may also be interested to know about how to turn your electricity on.


Step #2. Drain water

After you turn off the water heater, close the water supply to prevent the cold water from going into the tank, as we will drain the water. Get a hose (any water hose) and attach it to the drain valve. Extend your hose outside the house or in areas where water can drain. If your water heater supports a relief valve, open it to release air pressure inside the tank. If it doesn’t support a relief valve, you can go to the nearest hot water faucet and turn it on.

Open the drain valve and let the water drain until it’s empty. The tips that you need to know in draining the water are replacing the heating elements, and you’ll only need to drain all the water in the tank if you are replacing the bottom heating element. But, if you’re replacing the upper, you can leave some water in the bottom of the tank. 


Step #3. Remove and replace the heating element 

You can now proceed in replacing the heating element. Loosen the screws in the access cover and open it. You’ll see the insulation pad covering the thermostat and the heating elements. Flip the insulation upwards, and flip the tab. Unscrew and remove the attaching wires. Use a heating element socket and slowly pull the heating element out. After removing the heating element, please insert the new one and attach it firmly to the socket. Connect and screw the wires securely.


Step #4. Clean up

After successfully attaching the new heating element, you can now flip back the plastic shield tab and return the insulation pad to its place. Get the access cover and secure it firmly by tightening the screws. Close the drain valve and remove the attached hoses. Close the relief valve pressure or the hot water faucet you turned on previously, and turn on the water supply. To check the performance of the newly installed heating element, let’s turn it on and test the water! Close all the hot water faucet then, turn your water heater on, and set the temperature on your desire. It will take a little time for your water to heat up, so wait for a few minutes and turn on your hot water faucet. 


It’s A Wrap!

 Now that you know how to replace heating element in water heater, you will be able to replace them independently. If you are an expert on doing this, you won’t call a technician to replace your heating element whenever you need it. You can save time and money when you do this yourself, but please be careful in handling and following the steps. If you feel confused, never hesitate to ask a professional. You may also want to read about how to tell if element is bad in water heater and how does a dual-element water heater work.

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