3 Simple DIY on How to Replace Blinds With Curtains

Blinds are a great way to add some privacy to your home. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes so there is sure to be one that will fit the decor of your room perfectly. However, they can be expensive and hard to clean if you have pets or children who like playing with them. 

This blog post will give you tips on how to replace blinds with curtains quickly and easily! Luckily there is an easy alternative – curtains! Curtains are less expensive than blinds and also provide privacy for any area of the house. 

how to replace blinds with curtains

Steps on Replacing Blinds With Curtains

Step #1. The first step on how to replace blinds with curtains is measurement. Measure the size of your window and decide how long you want them to be. You will need to add a few inches for hems and extra fabric so measure accordingly!

Step #2. The next step on how to replace blinds with curtains is purchasing the material. Buy curtain panels that are in an appropriate length, width, and color. Some people like using two curtains on one rod which can give it more height and volume. Take the blinds down and put up your curtains instead!

Note: If you want to get a little more creative on how to replace blinds with curtains, take some fabric and tie it back using curtain hooks or shower rings with metal rods in different sizes that can be easily removed. You may also like tying them around chair backs for extra privacy from people outside the room.

Step #3: It’s that easy! You have to brand new curtains with an old window treatment and they can also be taken down quickly and easily if you want to switch them for a different style of decoration or window treatments.

How to Hang Blinds Curtains?

Step #1. Measure how high you want the curtains to go and cut the rod with a hacksaw. You may need help cutting it if it is too long for one person to do it on their own

Step #2. Screw-in your hooks into both ends of the rods about two inches apart from each other

Step #3. Hang up your new curtain by looping the rod over the top of a curtain hook and then hanging it on each hook


What are the Benefits of Blinds Over Curtains?

  • Blinds are opaque and keep the room darker so they’re a good option if you need to sleep in
  • They can also be moved easily without taking them down completely like curtains.
  • Unlike curtains, blinds will not open up or fall from windows that have been left open for ventilation
  • If you want to disguise the window without blocking it, blinds are a good option
  • Blinds can be made to block out all light
  • They also continue to work if you have no curtains or shades on your windows and they will not let in any sun
  • What’s Wrong With Replacing Blinds With Curtains?

Nothing is wrong with replacing them, but some people might not want to be limited by the weight and size of their curtains. they may prefer softer drapes that fall without needing a curtain rod or even open up more than blinds would allow.

What Are Some Benefits to Using Curtains Instead of Blinds?

  • You can choose how much light you want coming into your room. If you’re feeling lazy one day, just keeping them closed means less work for yourself
  • Curtains offer privacy and can be used to block out any unwanted noise
  • Curtains create a more personal feel in the room
  • They also have more styles or types of curtains you could use than blinds do. You’re not limited by just shades, but can choose from lace patterns, sheer fabrics, or even sheers that allow some sunlight through while still providing privacy
  • Curtains can be removed easier than blinds. If you have a window that gets too hot or cold, it’s no problem to take the curtains off and put them back on again when needed
  • You’ll save money by using curtains instead of blinds because they’re cheaper in price and energy costs are also lowered
  • Plus, you can use them for other rooms in your houses like the kitchen or dining room.
  • Curtains also add a personal touch to any space because they’re more design-oriented than blinds are and offer many pattern choices. Blinds only have shades which are one style of curtain option when curtains come with multiple styles to choose from.
  • Blinds are also bulky and often take up a lot of space which is not always practical for small spaces
  • Curtains can be custom fitted to the window so they don’t look bunched up or hanging unevenly, this is something blinds cannot do.


Do I Wash My Blinds?

Blinds are often treated as a surface that can be wiped down with water and dish soap to keep them looking clean. 

However, blinds should not get wet because they will start to rot or peel apart which makes them look old and tattered. 

If the dust is just from pollen on your window sill then you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Blinds should be dry cleaned as little as possible because they can wear down the material and cause them not to last very long. 

Dry cleaning also removes any natural oils that come from our hands which is one of the key components in how blinds repel dirt.



Replacing blinds with curtains is very easy and I believe reading this article, you have learnt how to replace blinds with curtains. The steps are easy and simple.