How To Replace A Through The Wall Air Conditioner? 5 Easy Steps!

How to replace a through the wall air conditioner? There are five easy steps on how to replace a through-the-wall air conditioner. This article will explain all the processes below.

  1. For structures without centralized air conditioners, through-the-wall air conditioners are one of the cooling alternatives. The majority of units are only meant to chill a single space.

However, some bigger air conditioners can chill multiple rooms. After several years, air conditioners tend to get old. Thus, replacing or buying a new unit is the option you need to do.

how to replace a through the wall air conditioner

It is one of the most long-lasting units, unlike portable air conditioners. Therefore, you need to know some steps on how to replace your units. If you want to know about through-the-wall air conditioners, keep on reading!


Steps To Replace A Through The Wall Air Conditioner

Replacing your through-the-wall air conditioner is like installing the unit again to the wall of your room. However, you do not have to make holes, frames, and the like again. Thus, you only need to change your old unit to your new one.

So, to answer your question: How to replace a through the wall air conditioner? Here are the following steps you need to know:


Step #1. Turn off your air conditioner

To replace your through-the-wall air conditioner, the first thing you need to do is to turn off your old air conditioner if it is still running.

Next, make sure that you power off the circuit breaker and the main switch. If you fail to do this step, it might put your life in danger because of the possible electric shock. Thus, be careful.


Step #2. Take out your old air conditioner

Since you are replacing your unit, I assume that your old through-the-wall air conditioner is still in the frame. Thus, you have to remove it. Get your tools and pieces of equipment if needed. Then, unscrew the bolts and other fasteners that secure the air conditioner and carefully remove the unit by carrying it.

Ensure that you have someone with you to help you carry since some air conditioners are heavy. Please put it on its box or in an available container to protect it as you take the unit. It is because you can bring it to the junk shop or dispose of it.


Step #3. Clean the frame

To maintain the wellness and the cleanliness of your newly bought air conditioner, you need to clean the frame. Get your cleaning materials such as a mini broom, towels, and the like. Start by sweeping all the dust and particles that have accumulated around the frame.

Then, by using a wet towel, wipe all the remaining dirt. Finally, spray a disinfectant if there are molds present.After cleaning, wait for a few seconds to dry. It is now reading for installing.


Step #4. Place the new air conditioner

After all the preparations, you can now place your new through-the-wall air conditioner to its frame. To do it, carefully get the unit from the box. Then, ask help to your family member to carefully carry the air conditioner.

Push the air conditioner inside the frame. Then, adjust if possible. Remember, before replacing a new unit, measure the length and the width of your current frame.

If you tend to buy a smaller or bigger unit than your old one, you might have to make some changes to its structure. As a result, it may cost you more than you expected.


Step #5. Final touches

After you place your new unit, you have to check any holes or spaces around the frame. That is because it may allow insects to live and molds to form. Trim and repair any affected parts around the unit with the fresh plasterboard. Use plaster screws to secure it in position.

Utilizing plasterboard cement and a drywall blade, fill up any cracks or fractures. Then, prepare and repaint the plasterboard to complement the color of the concrete foundations.

Apply sealants around the borders of your air conditioner on the inside and outside of the home. Use the sealing tool and organic caulk. These sealants will keep any outside pollution from infiltrating our house.


What Is The Definition Of A Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner?

Through-the-wall air conditioners work exactly like window air conditioners. So it is because they both pull air from the atmosphere, chill it using coils, and then return it to the area.

Because of its heaviness, the unit should be placed outside and needs to be covered. The BTU ranges from 7,000 to 15,000, with a covering space ranging from 200-800 square feet.


What Is The Most Famous Benefit Of Through-The-Wall- AC?

It saves energy. The typical through-the-wall air conditioner uses very little electricity to run. That helps you save money by lowering your electricity costs. For example, the cost of running the air conditioner is about 20 to 30 dollars monthly.



How to replace a through the wall air conditioner? To replace a through-the-wall air conditioner, you only need to do five easy steps.

This type of air conditioner is common in houses and buildings. Moreover, one of its benefits is it saves up energy. Thus, you can spend less on your electricity bill.

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