How to Replace a Spring on a Lane Recliner

The Lane recliner is a perfect piece of furniture for relaxing and taking the weight off your feet. However, if you have springs that are not functioning properly or need to be replaced, we will show how easy it can be done with these step-by-step instructions.


Steps to Replace a Spring on a Lane Recliner

Step 1. Remove the old spring by removing the upholstery. You may need to remove a few screws, bolts, or nails from the bottom of your recliner to do this. To make sure you get everything out that needs removal, use an ice pick and unbolt any brackets on the inside as well.

Step 2. Take the new spring, and measure how long it needs to be by using a measuring tape or ruler. Cut the ends of the wire with pliers to make sure you have enough room for both sides of your recliner frame. Bend one end into an “x” shape (or use pliers) so that when you put it through the frame, there is a space for screwing in.

Step 3. Put one end of your spring over the top of the frame and then measure how far down you need to go so that both ends are even with each other.

Step 4. Once you have measured this, use pliers or wire cutters to bend that side into an “x” shape and place it over the frame.

Step 5. Take your other end of the spring, but one side over the top of that bent bar on each side (an x should be formed), and bend this part inwards to lock it all together. Now screw in a bolt or two with an Allen wrench so that both sides are securely in place.

Step 6. Repeat these steps on the other side of your recliner frame to replace the other spring.


The Time it Takes

It should take about an hour if you know what you’re doing, or a little longer if not – but don’t worry! You will be able to do this and save your money.


Why do I Need to Change the Spring on my Recliner?

The spring is not attached to the frame and can be easily removed.

You can come up with a more comfortable position by replacing broken or worn-out springs on your Lane recliner chair that may have become distorted over time. Springs will also need to be replaced if they have been cut, crimped, or broken.

In addition, the spring is what controls how much pressure you feel on your back and buttocks when sitting in a recliner chair. If it becomes too low or high this will have adverse effects on both your posture and circulation as well as causing pain or discomfort in certain areas of your body.


How do I Change my Spring?

#1. You will need to locate the broken or worn-out spring and remove it.

#2. There are usually two springs mounted on each end of a recliner chair frame but for this article, I will only be discussing how to replace one.

#3. Use the screwdriver to loosen the screws that hold in place where you would like to install the new spring.

#4. You may need to use pliers or vice grips if your screwdriver has lost its grip strength.

#5. Make sure not to cut through any of the metal pieces with your pliers unless you have been told otherwise by an expert.

#6. Remove each broken away end of one coil from the old spring.

#7. Place the end of one coil from your new spring on each of those holes where you just removed the broken away ends.

#8. Use a screwdriver to tighten down these coils and secure them in place with screws.

#9. If your chair has more than two springs, be sure that they are evenly spaced out so that your chair will not collapse.

#10. If you have done everything correctly, the spring should be firmly in place and ready to use.”


Are Lane Recliners any Good?

Lane recliners are not only good for your back but also offer a variety of different options, making them an excellent choice to replace any broken or old chairs. If you want to know how to replace the springs on the lane recliner, read this article that will provide all the information needed.


Do Lane Recliners Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Lane recliners have a lifetime warranty, which means the company will fix or replace any broken parts that occur.


Is There a Spring in Your Lane Recliner?

If so, the original one has likely become weak and begin to sag. This is a guide on how to replace a spring on a lane recliner. **

Open up the back of the chair by taking off any screws or fasteners with an appropriate screwdriver or another tool


What are Some of the Benefits of Using a Lane Recliner?

The back is higher than the seat, so it’s easier to get up

There are no springs in a Lane recliner. This means that there will be less wear and tear on your furniture, meaning it’ll last longer **Note: some people may not like this because they say it feels weird when you lean against a lazyboy.

The back is not as hard so it’s more comfortable to lean against the chair.

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