how to replace a recliner tension spring

Are you looking for a way to save money? In this article, we’ll show how to replace a recliner tension spring. It’s an inexpensive and simple way to fix those broken springs that are keeping your chair from sitting right.


how to replace a recliner tension spring

Steps on Replacing a Recliner Tension Spring

Step 1. You will need: A pair of pliers, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, replacement spring (available at most hardware stores)

Step 2. Remove the old spring by cutting it with wire cutters or needle-nose pliers then remove any excess metal pieces using the same tools. Clean off any debris on both sides of the hole where you removed it with a damp cloth or rag before installing a new one.

Step 3. Make sure two sides of the hole are clean and dry before installing a new spring.

Step 4. Push one end of the replacement wire through either side of the recliner, making sure to have it go all the way in. Pull out about a foot or more on each side then make an “X” with both strands around the top bar that holds the recliner in place.

Step 5. Make sure to keep the strands even on both sides then pull each strand tight and hold them for a few seconds while you tighten the knots as much as possible with your fingers.

Step 6. Check that they are still equal lengths before cutting off excess wire using pliers or cutters, but don’t let out any slack.

Step 7. If you need to adjust the tension, use pliers or a screwdriver to shorten one of the strands until it is even with its partner on each side again.”


How do you fix a sagging recliner footrest?

Step 1. If you have an old seat that needs to be replaced, then it’s time for a new footrest.

Step 2. Remove the old footrest by unscrewing the mounting bolts from either side of the recliner and lifting on the chair.”

Step 3. Insert two small straps or bungees around both sides of the bottom bar of the recliner and then tighten them to hold it in place.”

Step 4. Position a new footrest on top of the bar, level with each side. Then secure by screwing down bolts at either end.”

Step 5. Tighten bolts if necessary and test the chair for stability before sitting in it.

Step 6. Repeat these steps until you have replaced all the chair’s footrests.


How do you fix the mechanism on a recliner?

If the recliner is not staying in one position and you need to fix it, then don’t worry! You may just have a loose or broken part.”

Step 1. Remove any clothing from around the mechanism.”

Step 2. Locate all of the screws that hold together parts of the chair back, including footrests. Tighten them if necessary and test chair for stability before sitting in it.”

Step 3. Position a new footrest on top of the bar, level with each side. Then secure by screwing down bolts at either end.”

Tighten bolts if necessary and test the chair for stability before sitting in it. Repeat these steps until you have replaced all the chair’s footrests.”


Why is my recliner not working?

There are a few reasons why the recliner might not be working:

  • The mechanism holding it in position is loose or broken.
  • You’ve lost one of the spring’s tension.”
  • Your chair may also have wheels and these could need to be tightened, too.


What should I do if my recliner isn’t working?

If the recliner is not making any sound, or if it’s moving only a little bit when you push on it, then chances are that either the mechanism holding it in place has come loose and needs to be tightened back into position.


How do you fix a recliner that won’t recline?

If you’re able to fix the recliner without replacing any parts, it is likely that your chair’s footrests need tightening.

Before you sit in the chair, make sure all of its feet are firmly planted on the ground and not wobbling.”

Then take a screwdriver or hex wrench (depending on how tightly fitted the screws are) and start turning the footrests in a counter-clockwise motion.

This should make them tighter – if not, you may need to remove the chair’s foam or upholstery so that you can get at the screw from underneath.”


How Much Does a Recliner Tension Spring Cost?

The cost of a recliner tension spring is dependent on the type of material, where you buy it from, and how many springs are required.

For example, if you purchase one at Walmart for $25 then this doesn’t include shipping costs or installation so the total price would be closer to $45-50.”


How do I reset my electric recliner?

The first thing you do is head to the circuit breaker and flip it off. You’ll then want to unscrew the tension spring from both sides, making sure that there are no tools or other objects in your way.”

While this may sound like a daunting task, with a little patience and determination almost anyone can replace their recliner tension spring.

Unscrew the old spring by hand, or with a screwdriver if you need to use one in order to finish unscrewing it. Make sure to have a replacement tension spring on hand before you start the project.

Now take one end of your new spring and unscrew it from its anchor at the front base or rear legs, whichever side suits how your chair is positioned.”

Then thread each free end through the hole in the recliner’s frame where they will meet up .”

Now, starting at the base or legs on one side of your recliner, screw the tension spring back in place. It is a good idea to put some grease inside the hole first.”

Repeat this process on the other side until both screws are all tightened and it feels tight when you try pulling each end with your hands. Now, enjoy your newly working recliner!