How To Repel Bed Bugs From Skin? 5 Easy Ways!

Are bed bugs bothering you for a couple of days now, and you want to know more about “How to repel bed bugs from skin?”

Bed bugs can be a grave threat to a person in so many ways.

How to repel bed bugs from skin

It can stress you out, especially when you are tired and sleepy.

These creatures can be hazardous as they prey on your blood.

You might not see the damages they can give, but we will enlighten you.

As we further talk about bed bugs and why we need to know how to repel them, you will discover more.

Bed bugs can bite you during your sleep without even noticing it.

But then you have nothing to fear.

You can do something about that one.

And that’s why we will need to know more about our topic for today.


Ways To Repel Bed Bugs From Skin

How to repel bed bugs from skin?

It is often a problem of people who want to sleep peacefully at night that bed bugs take over their bed.

To give you an idea about bed bugs, they are feeding on animals and human blood.

They usually bite your skin and suck on your blood while sleeping so you would not notice.

That way, they can have more chances to feed and never get noticed.

They will leave you swelling and itchy skin when you wake up.

But do not worry because we will help you with how you can repel bed bugs from your skin.

You can understand each one of them and look for the best you can use for your skin.

One that you can guarantee you are not allergic to and is safe to use in your skin.


Option #1. Use a lavender oil

This option is one of the best things you can buy.

Bed bugs are hazardous, so we need to make sure they will move from you.

One thing that you have to do is to know what to use, and lavender oil can be one.

A lot of essentials that we usually use have lavender variants considering it has a lot of benefits.

Other than that, it has a good scent that can be considered as off for bed bugs.

That way, they won’t get attracted to bite you.

Or they won’t feed on you. It is also safe to use, but you must be careful upon purchasing because you might buy fake ones.

Different essential oils can repel bed bugs, and this article will elaborate on that one.


Option #2. Tea tree oil

The next option you have is to use tea tree oil to repel bed bugs on your skin.

Just like lavender oil, it is an essential oil.

All you have to do is find stores secured and well-trusted upon selling these items.

Tea tree oil has the scent that the bed bugs hate the most.

It also has something in it that makes it more effective and robust to repel bed bugs.

This tea tree oil has extra antibacterial and antimicrobial matters that can prevent bacteria from growing more.

Now you will prevent bed bugs from biting you more often, and they could avoid biting you.


Option #3. Petroleum jelly

Another option is petroleum jelly—one of the things that bed bugs can hate.

The scent is annoying for bed bugs.

Even on humans, it can sometimes be off.

You can put this on your body and wipe it, or maybe you can just put it on the edges of your bed.

That way, they will be trapped on the stickiness of the petroleum jelly and could not roam around your bed anymore.


Option #4. Rubbing alcohol

The next thing you can opt for is rubbing alcohol. It can be perfect to be a bed bug repellent.

There are many proofs to support this claim, and they can say that rubbing alcohol is efficient.

But then, sometimes, it can be considered as something that can be dangerous.

Just in case you do not know, rubbing alcohol is flammable and can be dangerous at times.

Better when you apply it on your skin. It can be safer.

Maybe you can try to spread it nicely in your whole body.

It is nice because its scent is strong.

But then again, you need to find one that is strong and can repel bed bugs.


Option #5. Baby powder

The last option we have here is a baby powder.

The effect may be minimal, but then again, it is safer.

When you want to protect your kids from bed bugs, and you want to use something that can be mild on their skin, this is it.

You can use it on them.

Try to cover mainly the back part because that’s where these bed bugs usually attack.



We are now done answering “How to repel bed bugs from skin?”

You can now say that you are in a good space.

At least you have learned what the things you can use are.

To avoid bed bug bites at night.

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