How to Repair Wicker Loveseat Seat Broken in the Middle

Wicker loveseats require some maintenance, especially if the wicker is made of a natural material like cane or rattan. The nature of the problem determines the repair methods and supplies required. So, how to repair wicker loveseat seat broken in the middle?

Although wicker furniture is designed to withstand most weather conditions, it can still be damaged by people and pets. For example, sitting incorrectly in a wicker loveseat can strain parts designed to support the weight. Another is standing on them can potentially loosen pieces.

how to repair wicker loveseat seat


What is a Loveseat?

A loveseat is a piece of seating furniture explicitly designed for two people. However, it has the appearance of a small sofa. It is typically shaped like a small couch and is intended to seat two people comfortably. 

They are ideal for small spaces that can not accommodate a large sofa. You can also use a loveseat to compliment a more oversized couch.  For example, Some people use them to add additional seating to their bedrooms.


What is a Wicker?

Wicker is an agile plant branch or twig used in the weaving of baskets or furniture. Wicker is an ancient craft that dates back to the Egyptians, who used the material to make outdoor furniture. It is frequently confused with rattan, which refers to anything woven from the rattan plant. On the other hand, wicker can be woven from any plant fiber, including willow, raffia, and rattan.


How to Repair Wicker Loveseat seat Broken in the Middle? 


Here are some suggestions:

Step 1. Clean the Wicker Loveseat.

 It would be best if you cleaned the wicker loveseat. To begin, dust the piece with a dry cloth. Then, using a wet cloth and warm water, and a mild cleanser, remove any dirt or residue. If your wicker loveseat is stained, use a vinegar and water solution to remove the stains.


Step 2. Determine the Damages.

Examine the damage you want to repair and see if simply re-weaving will suffice. Determine how extensive the damaged or missing wicker is if it is visible. It would be best if you had a good idea of what repairs are required.


Step 3. Identify the Material.

To prepare for replacement, determine the type of material you require and the wicker loveseat’s diameter and color. Whether you use natural or resin reed, the wicker’s style, colors, and size vary. If you need to replace any broken pieces, cut each end of the fractured reed piece.

To obtain the correct replacement, take a sample from the damaged or pieces of excess wicker sticking under the furniture. If you can bring an example to show the vendor, you will better get a suitable replacement. Or something close enough to be acceptable.


Step 4.Take out the Damaged Reed.

Using a pair of wire cutters or a similar tool, cut and remove the damaged reed. Back out the remaining reed so that the end is pointing down and away from the surface. At least 1-2 inches of the original reed should be left tucked beneath the surface.


Step 5.  Evaluate the Weave Pattern.

Before you begin, you should familiarize yourself with the weave pattern. You may not recognize the design when you weave the new reed back in after removing the damaged reed. So, think things thoroughly when doing this. 

Please take a close look at it and figure out how you will incorporate the new. It’s a good idea to look at the opposite side of the furniture. See how it looks in an area that isn’t damaged or missing; taking a clear picture may also be beneficial.


Step 6. Cut and Weave in a New Reed.

Natural wicker reed must be soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before weaving. It is to make it flexible enough to bend. It is vital so you will not have to face any problems when weaving.

Weave the entire length and then cut the excess off when you’re almost done to avoid wasting what you bought. It may be simpler to cut lengths that are easier to work. Just don’t cut them too short, or you’ll destroy reed. 

When having trouble weaving your material, there are suggestions. You may use a wire tool to assist you in weaving the reed into place. Grab the end of the reed below the surface and pull back up above the cover to finish the pattern.

After replacing each broken or missing reed, the weave should be tight but not too loose. It is sometimes unavoidable to have an open weave, but it is preferable to be flexible than broken or missing. Recognize that the new reed will generally withstand the same amount of wear as the original.


Step 7. Stain and Seal.

Stain or paint it to match the rest of your wicker loveseat. If you’re staining rather than painting,  seal it with clear acrylic paint once the reed has been stained and dried. Then, follow the staining instructions provided by the manufacturer. 



That is all for our guide! Just follow these steps to know how to repair wicker loveseat seat broken in the middle. Then, you can restore your broken wicker loveseat to like-new condition in a short time and on a shoestring budget.


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