How To Repair Water Damaged White Washed Wood: 8 Easy Steps

Clean the mold and water stains, then repaint the material. This method is the best way how to repair water damaged white washed wood.

Be vigilant for any signs of water damage, as the mold and mildew that come with it can be harmful to your loved ones. Don’t stress, though; repairing white washed wood is an easy task that requires minimal materials.

how to repair water damaged white washed wood


What Is White Washed Wood? 

“White wash” is a way to make wood look brighter. You dilute white paint with water or turpentine and paint it on the boards.

The diluted paint allows the wood’s natural grain to appear through. This gives the material a comfortable and light aesthetic, and it’s popular with beach houses and farmhouses.


How To Fix Water Damaged White Washed Wood

Maybe your wood is constantly wet by the rain, or there is a leak you didn’t notice at home. This beautiful material isn’t immune to water damage, so you should be ready to do the proper repairs when you spot any signs.


Step #1. Remove all visible mold and mildew

Take the furniture outside to remove the mold. Mix two cups of bleach with a bucket of warm water, and add 3 cups of dishwashing liquid.

Use this mixture to clean your wood, then wash it off with a garden hose. Remember to use gloves while cleaning to protect your hands.


Step #2. Remove the water stains

Apply some wood furniture cleaner to a soft white cloth. Add some orange oil to help with the cleaning.

Rub the cleaner onto the wood in a circular motion until the stain comes off. Alternative cleaning agents are mayonnaise or salad oil dressing which you can remove with the wood cleaner.


Step #3. Sand the furniture for severe stains

Use an electric sander with 220-grit sandpaper. Use a dust mask and make sure you have proper ventilation when working.

Sand the parts with water stains first, then continue for the rest of the wood to make it even. Remove any wood dust with a paintbrush.


Step #4. Use a chemical stripping agent for deep-set stains

Dip a paintbrush into the stripping agent and apply it to the surface of your furniture. Wait for the solution to oxidize or bubble.


Step #5. Scrape the furniture

Use a putty knife to scrape your wood after stripping it. Then, use 150-grit sandpaper to remove the excess.


Step #6. Glue loose wood joints

Sometimes, water damage can make wood come apart. So, you need to stick them together again with strong wood glue.

Remove your old glue by sanding the area with 150-grit sandpaper. Next, glue your furniture pieces together and leave them to dry overnight with a clamp.


Step #7. Paint your wood again

Once you have fixed the furniture, you can repaint your wood using the white wash technique. Make sure you use even strokes for a neat look.


Step #8. Apply some varnish

Varnish is the perfect finishing touch to your wood. Choose water and insect-proof types to keep your furniture safe.


Can You Paint Over Wet Wood? 

Sometimes, you need to finish your D.I.Y. projects in a rush, so you tend to look for shortcuts in any way possible. One of the most time-consuming parts of furniture repair is waiting for the wood to dry.

It may seem counterproductive, but it’s possible to paint wood when it’s still damp from all your cleaning materials.

Use a paper towel to dry the wood as much as possible. Then, place an electric fan next to your lumber for a few minutes.

Now, you can coat the wood in your white wash paint. This option is only for when you are in a hurry; it’s always best to let your wood dry naturally before applying paint.


White Washed Furniture Care

Preventing damage is always the best way to go for your furniture. Keep your wood safe by doing other preventive measures too.


Protect it from spills

Keep your furniture in an area that won’t get wet quickly, or apply a waterproof varnish to prevent stains.


Keep it out of direct sunlight

Constant sunlight exposure can make your wood fade, chip, or turn yellow. Keep your furniture away from areas where it will get too much sun.


Clean it once a month

Monthly cleaning will help you spot stains or mold, so make it a routine for your furniture. You can use accessible D.I.Y. cleaning agents like white wine vinegar mixed with water. Also, remove fingerprint marks on your furniture to keep it beautiful.


Can Insurance Cover White Washed Wood? 

Maybe your water damage is a little too intense for D.I.Y. techniques to handle, and you need the help of a professional. That’s going to be a considerable cost!

Unless you have furniture insurance, of course. A furniture protection plan can help you with incidental costs you might have. The insurance coverage is for anything from stains to burns, depending on your policy.

It’s the best way to keep your finances protected from any furniture incidents; just remember to consult your lawyer for any questions.



White furniture adds a beautiful aesthetic to your living space, but that can change when damaged. When you know how to repair water damaged white washed wood, you can keep your house looking calm and relaxing.

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