How To Repair Water Damaged Pressed Wood Drawers: 5 Steps

You can remove the damaged area and replace it with wood filler. This method is the best way how to repair water damaged pressed wood drawers. It’s easy to repair your boards, and they will still be in good condition, so there’s no need to stress!


how to repair water damaged pressed wood drawers

What Is Pressed Wood?

Pressed wood is made of wood dust, shavings, and chips combined with glue. It goes by particle board, and it’s a popular material for furniture.

Pressed wood is an excellent substitute for plywood because it’s more affordable. It can be used for paneling, partitions, and furniture.

This wood type has become popular, primarily through budget furniture shops like IKEA. People love this material because it’s light and durable.


Benefits Of Using Pressed Wood

Try to look around your house, for sure your cabinets and drawers are made of pressed wood. It’s a preferred material for several reasons:


1. It’s eco-friendly

It uses wood waste like shavings and chips, so you don’t need to use new lumber to manufacture it.


2. Pressed wood is consumer-friendly

The main reason why this wood is popular is that it’s affordable. It’s one of the cheapest wood products you can find.

It doesn’t distort easily, so it will last you longer. It’s also easy to clean, and it even has thermo-acoustic characteristics. You won’t have to worry about too much sound leakage.


3. It’s easy to transport

Pressed wood is light, so transport is simpler. It will save you from expenses as well!


Step-By-Step Process On Fixing Water Damaged Pressed Wood Furniture

Pressed wood is durable, but it isn’t indestructible. Sometimes, it can have water damage.

Drawers are susceptible to water damage, especially when installed near faucets and other moisture sources. You must look out for signs of bubbling or swollen surfaces. These bulges mean that it’s time for repairs.

The process is a quick fix, and you only need minimal materials;  just remember to act fast before mold starts forming.


Step #1. Dry the drawer

You can use towels if there is excess water, then leave the furniture to air dry. You can speed up the drying with an electric fan or a hairdryer, just don’t bring it too close to your wood and put it on a low setting.


Step #2. Remove the swollen areas

Use some medium-grit sandpaper to buff the swollen parts of your drawer. Wait until your wood is level and finish it off with fine-grit sandpaper. This buffing is enough if you just have minimal damage, but you will need more repairs if it’s more severe.


Step #3. Remove the other damaged areas

Use a knife to dig out the other damaged parts of your drawer. Make sure to remove all the fine and soft pieces of the wood. Vacuum off all residue left on the wood and leave it to dry if there’s still some moisture.


Step #4. Apply some wood filler

Make sure you choose water-resistant filler and apply it to the holes. Level out the material with a scraper.


Step #5. Finish up the wood

Use fine-grit sandpaper to smoothen your drawers, then apply a waterproof coating to give it the best protection. Fixing water damaged pressed wood boards is simple, but if the damage is too severe, it’s best to replace the whole plank. Stick the new piece to your drawer using veneer glue, and your furniture will be back to normal!


Tips To Avoid Water Damage In Pressed Wood

Repairing pressed wood is pretty simple, but it’s always best to protect your furniture from water damage. There are simple ways to keep your boards safe.


1. Avoid heavy moisture areas

Drawers are helpful in your home, but you must be careful when installing one made of pressed wood. The bathroom and kitchen are risky areas because they get a lot of moisture. Try to place your furniture far from the sink and windows.


2. Avoid putting nails and screws

Holes from the nails and screws can make the wood lose its shape. Moisture can quickly enter your board through these gaps, and mold can develop.


3. Apply a sealant

Sometimes you can’t avoid exposing the wood to moisture sources, so protect it by applying acrylic sealant. This coating will cover all the gaps where liquid can enter and make your drawers waterproof.


4. Do not use the wood outdoors

Never install pressed wood outdoors. It won’t last with rain and snow, no matter how much sealant you apply.


Will Your Insurance Company Cover Damaged Pressed Wood Drawers?

If your pressed wood boards are severely damaged, then you’ll need more significant repairs! It can cost you loads of cash, and your furniture may be in bad shape.

So, will your insurance policy cover the damage to your drawer? It depends on how your furniture got damaged. If it’s because of a leak from some pipes, then your expenses are saved!

Flooding from lousy weather isn’t included, though, and you will need separate flood insurance for this incident. Sadly, mold can also affect your insurance coverage, and some companies don’t include this in their policy. You could ask for help from a lawyer or a trusted contractor when you have policy concerns.



Learning how to repair water damaged pressed wood drawers is quick and straightforward. Minor damage will be solved in an instant, and your furniture will look back to normal. Just remember to always keep your pressed wood safe from moisture!

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