5 Steps On How To Repair Water Damaged Cabinet Roof Easily

Furniture such as cabinets can add beauty to every home; that is why most homeowners must know how to repair water damaged cabinet roof in simple ways. If you face the same issue in your cabinet, keep reading this article and find out how.


how to repair water damaged cabinet roof

Cabinet Basics

A cabinet is an open-front box and a combination of drawers, doors, or shelves. Before the 1950s, local cabinet makers custom-built almost all cabinets for a separate kitchen, but today most of the cabinets are mass-produced in big factories.


What are the different types of cabinet materials?

Typically, wood and wood-like materials are used in making a cabinet. However, that is not the case all the time.

Depending on the aesthetic and atmosphere you want to achieve, glass cabinets can be one of the options. Here are some of the materials you’ll see in most cabinets these days:

  • Hardwood
  • Plywood
  • Fiberboard
  • Veneer
  • Particleboard
  • Aluminum and stainless steel
  • Glass
  • Polyethylene


How To Fix Water Damaged Cabinet Roof

Cabinets can make a difference or add beauty to your home, yet a water-damaged cabinet can also affect the environment of your house. Here are simple steps on how to fix it:


Step #1. Inspect and repair the cause of leaks

First, look for the leaks, which are the leading cause of water damage in your cabinet. After finding the leaks, fix them immediately.


Step #2. Prepare the cabinets that need repair

Get the cabinets that need fixing and put them in a place where you can comfortably repair them. (Here’s a simple guide on how to repair water damaged cabinet doors, you can check this out.)


Step #3. Inspect the damage to your cabinet roof

Before starting any repair, inspect and know the type of water damage in your cabinet roof. The level of damage will help you know if there is a need for extensions in your repair.


Step #4. Make an action plan

After inspecting the level of damage, the next thing you need to do is to make an action plan. Is the cabinet roof the only one needing repair, or do the other parts also?

Is the cabinet completely waterlogged? Is it repairable? Make a list of the features that need repair and tools to use.


Step #5. Start doing your repair

Lastly, now that you know all the parts that need repair, the level of damage, and you have the proper tools and parts for replacement, start the repair.

For helpful tips on how to repair water damaged kitchen cabinet toe, check this guide. 


How do you protect kitchen cabinets from water damage?


1. Get your kitchen cabinets laminated

Laminated kitchen cabinets have glossy sides, smooth and shiny, made of plastic or water-resistant material. The glass-like outer layer applied in your wood cabinet can protect it from water droplets penetrating the core parts.


2. You can use a seal, clear coat, or waterproof varnish

You can find and use clear coats, seals, and waterproof varnish to protect your kitchen cabinets from water damage, even if the materials used in your cabinet are cheap wood. 

In choosing a varnish, you must consider if it will match the tone of color of your cabinet. 


3. Fix the leaks in your house

Leaks are the primary reason for water damage in your cabinet. Look for the source of leaks and repair them immediately.


4. Get proper ventilation and dehumidification in your kitchen

Proper ventilation and dehumidification can help prevent too much moisture in your kitchen. Moreover another way is to open your kitchen windows to allow the steam and moisture to get away.


How to remove watermarks in your wood cabinet?

For most homeowners, watermarks on a wood cabinet are an issue that needs to be resolved. The good thing is there are homemade solutions available for this issue:

  • A combination of wood ash and mayonnaise
  • Leaving the solution for two hours after application
  • Brushing it with a non-gel toothpaste
  • Wiping with denatured alcohol


How to remove the grease on your cabinet?

Here are simple steps for removing grease on your cabinet:

  1. Put warm water in a bowl.
  2. Add enough dish soap and create light suds.
  3. Add white vinegar (1 cup/gallon of water)
  4. Stir the mixtures
  5. Get a sponge and soak in the mixture
  6. Start to wipe the grease on the cabinets down
  7. Frequently rinse the sponge
  8. Use a clean towel to dry the cabinet


How to polish cabinet water stains?

If you want to fix water stains on your cabinet, there are quick and easy ways to do it. You can directly apply paste wax to the areas with water stains using a clean, dry cloth, making it clean and shiny.

Paste wax you can use:

  • Carnauba and petroleum
  • Brimax paste wax
  • A blend of beeswax
  • Blend of Harrell’s Jeco Wax Beeswax



Water damaged cabinets can make the environment in your home a bit awkward to look at for sure. That is why knowing some simple and easy steps on how to repair water damaged cabinet roof will help you change the atmosphere at home; save time, effort, and resources.

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