How To Repair Bonded Leather Sofa In 3 Easy Steps

You can learn how to repair bonded leather sofa in three easy steps! We will guide you throughout the sofa preparation to the finishing of repair to restore your bonded leather couch. Furthermore, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this type of sofa. 

A similar topic that you might be interested in is how to repair a faux leather sofa. This material is different from bonded leather, so be sure to read our tutorial about it. 

How To Repair Bonded Leather Sofa


How Do You Repair A Bonded Leather Couch?


Step 1. Prepare and clean the sofa

  • Remove all the items on the leather sofa
  • Cut the frayed edges of the cut or tear with scissors 
  • If the bonded leather is peeling, gently remove all the lifted layers and wipe off the resulting small particles 
  • Dampen a soft cloth with a leather-formulated cleaning solution and wipe the area you need to repair
  • Do not saturate the leather and allow it to dry before proceeding with patching
  • Never use other products on leather as they might be incompatible with the material
  • Always test any solution on a small portion of the leather sofa 

Step 2. Patch the damaged areas on the sofa

  • Use the backing fabric included in the leather repair kit and cut it according to the size of the portion you need to repair 
  • You can also use other materials such as vinyl to patch a leather sofa
  • Insert the fabric underneath the leather with tweezers
  • Smoothen the patch to ensure that it won’t wrinkle in the leather couch
  • Glue the fabric onto the damaged bonded leather part with leather adhesive
  • Allow the glue to dry

Step 3. Blend the repairs to the rest of the sofa

  • To make the repair on bonded leather less obvious, mix a color to match the shade of the sofa
  • Start with a base color closest to your bonded leather couch and experiment with white and black until you achieve the same shade
  • Apply the color on the repaired portion of the leather
  • Mimic the texture of the bonded leather by pressing a grain paper on the wet compound
  • Follow the drying time of the products you use to finish


Can You Fix Bonded Leather?

You can fix bonded leather if the damage is not too severe. However, bonded leather may not be worth salvaging compared to genuine leather. Consider value for money because it might be more reasonable to replace a damaged bonded leather sofa than try restoring it. 

A bonded leather sofa should last two to three years, depending on the quality and usage. In the long run, it’s better to invest in genuine leather because of its durability. It’s also more sensible to reupholster a leather sofa than reupholster a bonded leather sofa. 


Can You Paint Peeling Bonded Leather?

The most inexpensive way to repair a peeling bonded leather is by getting a dye that is the same shade as the material. This method works exceptionally well if the leather is only flaking, but more significant damages require more extensive remedies. You can only repair a bonded leather with few scratches or at the early stages of peeling. 

When should you consider repairing a bonded leather sofa? If the bonded leather has more severe damages and almost the entire area has peeled off, it’s better to get a new leather couch altogether. Otherwise, you will end up redoing coats of paint or patches, which will affect the look and feel of the leather sofa.  


How Do You Stop Bonded Leather From Peeling?

Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your bonded leather won’t peel immediately. Do not let it accommodate dust, oils, and spills, and be mindful of practices that can wear it down. Those who have pets, children, or visitors often can consider getting a cover to protect the sofa. 

Furthermore, cleaning itself can cause bonded leather to peel if you rub it harshly. It would be best to avoid DIY solutions as they might contain compounds that can cause the material to dry and crack. And finally, never expose bonded leather to direct heat and sunlight.

Genuine leather does not peel, but not all manufacturers are honest with the type of leather they use on their products. Read this guide on how to fix leather sofa peeling to know more about preservation and remedies. 

Is Bonded Leather Worth Buying?

Bonded leather is worth buying for those who don’t have the budget to get a genuine leather sofa. However, you have to care for it properly and still manage your expectations with its durability. What is bonded leather?

Bonded leather is still considered leather, but it is made of recycled leather. Think of scraps that are blended to allow manufacturers to sell them at a lower price. If you don’t want to deal with repairs or know that you won’t be able to use and maintain the couch diligently, it’s much worth investing in the more durable genuine leather made from animal hide



Do you notice cracks, tears, or flaking on your bonded leather couch? To recap this guide on how to repair bonded leather sofa yourself, you will need a patch to fix the damaged portions. Some mild issues can even be solvable by painting over the peeling bonded leather. 

However, be realistic with your expectations with bonded leather. It won’t be as durable as authentic leather, so weigh your options well when buying a leather couch. You can also read this complete guide on fixing a sofa for other potential issues when owning such furniture.