Easy 3-Step DIY Tutorial On How To Repair A Wicker Chair

This article will provide you with the most manageable steps on how to repair a wicker chair. Having a piece of nice wicker furniture gives your home a lovely vintage or cottage style — whether it is a sunroom, patio, or in an indoor living area.

You have to remember that when you own a wicker chair or any furniture, it will require you to exert an effort to maintain your chair. However, all that effort will be well worth it if you follow these three easy steps. In addition to this article on repairing a wicker chair, we’ll also provide tips on maintaining and restoring your wicker pieces.


What Are The Tools And Materials Needed?

Before proceeding to the procedure, make sure you have the following items. If you have the complete set of materials, you are good to go!



  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife



  • Glue
  • Water
  • Wicker caning
  • Spray paint
  • Tacks


Fixing Your Wicker Chair


Step #1. Repair loose wrapping on the legs 

For you to repair a chair leg on which wicker wrapping became loose, you must cut a length of wicker caning and soak it in the water for 30 minutes to make the wicker caning flexible. Then you should apply a dab of glue under the end of the loose wrapping. After that, you’ll need to insert the end of the brand new strand and tap it in place using a small tack.

After everything, you have to wrap the length of the new cane that snuggles around the leg of the wicker chair and then add a dab of glue at the end. Make sure to secure the end with another tack and cut off the extra canning.


Step #2. Repair broken strands in the body

This step will teach you the technique to repair a broken strand of caning of a wicker chair. To replace the strand, you have to soak a length of a wicker strand in the water for about 30 minutes.

Using your utility knife, cut off any protruding ends of the old strand. As much as possible, it would be better that you apply glue at the end of the underside of an intersecting piece of cane. When the new strand is soft enough, you need to cut off a slightly longer section than the original piece being replaced.

The next thing you’ll do is place a small amount of glue into the woven strand. You’ll need to tuck one end inside the woven wicker next to the broken strand and weave the new piece with the same pattern from the old weaving technique.

Note: To do this step, you need to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to assist. If the new strand is intact, cut off any excess, and tuck the end under the intersecting piece.


Step #3. Paint the piece

Once you’re done with the repairs from the previous steps and before proceeding to spray-paint the repaired areas, ensure that the glue has dried up.

Note: If your wicker chair is used outdoors, use an exterior enamel spray. 


Here are some wicker furniture tips

Like what we mentioned in this article, having an item of wicker furniture requires you to maintain the cleanliness and quality of the furniture that you own. That’s why we provided you three tips that you can take note of when you happen to experience these specific scenarios of your furniture.


Remove mildew using murphy oil soap

When you have wicker furniture, you should take note that these materials are prone to mildew. In this scenario, you need to use a mild oil-based product.

We suggest that you buy a “Murphy Oil Soap.” You need to mix it with water to remove the mildew. 

Note: Ensure that your furniture piece dries up well after the cleaning, which can also prevent mildew.


Restoring unpainted or natural wicker to its warm glow using linseed oil

For you to restore the unpainted or natural wickers of your furniture to maintain its warm glow, rub it with linseed oil, then wipe off the excess oil gently.

Note: Let it dry for several days before sitting on it or add cushions to keep it from getting oil on your clothes.


If there is too much damage, seek out a furniture repair service or professional

From time to time, you have to inspect your wicker furniture to identify any broken pieces. In some cases, if the damage is widespread or if it looks like it will worsen, seek out a professional for help.



You’ve reached the endpoint of this article on how to repair a wicker chair and some additional tips on maintaining wicker furniture. With a bit of care and gentle cleaning, your furniture will look good for years.

Always take note that no matter what steps you follow when you try to clean a piece of wicker furniture that you purchased, you can also depend on the owner’s manual or instructions from where you bought the piece and follow their guide.

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