2 Tips On How To Repair A Water Damaged Wood Ball Easily

The first step in determining how to repair a water damaged wood ball is to look into what kind of water damage it has. Does it have mold? Does it have water stains?

These are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself to fix your wooden sphere. Don’t fret because we are going to tackle those questions in this article.

how to repair a water damaged wood ball


What Is A Wood Ball?

Wood balls can either be found as aesthetic additions to your home or used in a sport with the same name — woodball. The sport woodball can be played either indoors or outdoors on grass or sand.

In playing woodball, you use a mallet to pass a wooden ball through the gates. Wooden balls were the traditional balls used in the sport croquet.

However, they use plastic balls called composite balls these days. Also, croquet is different from woodball because the latter is more of an integration of the former and golf.

Shifting away from sports, these spheres can also be used in crafts, and they come in different sizes. They are usually made of hardwood and are unfinished, but they are smooth and pre-sanded.

Wood balls have myriads of usage. However, that still doesn’t take away their vulnerability with water.


Signs of water damage on the wood ball

Since wood balls are porous, they can easily absorb water and get damaged because of it. This is why we included the signs of water damage on a wood ball. For your reference, we are basing these signs of water damage on craft wood balls.


Soft spots

Since wood balls used for crafts are unfinished, they are more vulnerable to water damage. Moreover, soft spots are more likely to happen when the material is subjected to water damage for a prolonged period.


Staining or discoloration

Staining or discoloration is a sign of water damage that may be due to spills. This means that, as compared with soft spots, the wooden balls do not need to be in contact for a long time for staining or discoloration to manifest.



Mold is another sign of water damage that occurs after a certain period of contact with water. While it only takes one to two days for mold to grow, it will only become visible after about eighteen days.

The signs written above are only a few of the signs that manifest due to water damage.


Steps In Repairing A Water Damaged Wood Ball

Before starting your repairs, you have first to assess the damage of your wood ball, primarily if the water damage occurred near the area where you keep them. It is best to figure out where the water damage started and fix it first. Otherwise, it may affect other structures in your home.

Also, look into your insurance coverage and policy with your lawyer. This is to clarify if your insurance can pay for the water damage that occurred in your home.


Tip #1. For molds


Step #1. Dry

Before proceeding to do repairs on your water-damaged wood ball, you have to let it dry first. You can place the sphere under the sun to hasten the drying process.


Step #2. Mixture

After drying the wood ball, make a cleaning solution. To remove mold from your wooden ball, mix vinegar and water in a 1:10 ratio to create a solution.

Vinegar kills mold and bacteria, but it should still be used sparingly. After that, wipe the mixture on the wood ball using a sponge.

Remember not to soak the sphere in the solution because it may absorb the mixture and swell. After that, leave it to dry under the sun to help evaporate the water on its surface.

If you’re interested in knowing more about removing mold, here’s an article about how to get rid of floorboards mold.


Tip #2. For stains


Step #1. Dry 

Let your wood dry under direct sunlight to remove the excess moisture that may lead to other forms of water damage.


Step #2. Paste

After letting it dry, create a paste using salt and water. Then, apply it to the wood using a clean and damp towel.

Rub the stains until they vanish. Then, wipe away the paste from the sphere. Repeat until all of the stains are removed.


Additional tip

This tip is for the time wherein you accidentally spilled on your wood ball. Use a soft cloth to absorb the water, then buff along the wood’s grain. Then, remove extra moisture using a blowdryer.

If you’re curious about learning more about removing stains, read this article about lightening water-damaged wood.


How To Clean Your Wood Ball

Since we know that wood is porous, it won’t bode well if you soak your wood ball to clean it. Instead, make use of a clean cloth and wipe your wooden toys. Then, leave them to dry.

If you wish to disinfect the wood spheres, you can dilute the vinegar with water and then wipe down your wood balls. Air dry them afterward, too.



Wood balls are susceptible to water damage because kids play with them. However, it’s not the end of the world when they get soaked with water, especially now that you know how to repair a water damaged wood ball!

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