How To Repack The Puffy Mattress: Dos and Dont’s

The answer to how to repack the Puffy mattress does not require special tools or practices. However, you will learn in this article why bed-in-a-box mattresses like Puffy shouldn’t be folded or compressed without consulting with the brand first. We’ll also share tips on what you can do instead.

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how to repack the puffy mattress


How To Repack The Puffy Mattress At Home

You might want to know how to repack the Puffy mattress because you’re returning it or you’re moving to a new address, and you want to bring your bed with you. Regardless, you must know that repacking this memory foam bed is straightforward. Let us differentiate the two reasons first:


Repacking the Puffy mattress for return

Before you do anything with the Puffy mattress, contact the company’s customer support first. This way, you can start your return process smoothly, and you’ll know the specific instructions from Puffy to ensure that it will go through. Learning how to return a Puffy mattress is relatively simple as long as you didn’t pass the 101-night sleep trial. 

You only need to email Puffy at [email protected] with your order number, and Puffy will cover the shipping charges and start your refund. Then, follow the instructions from the brand to know how to pack the bed for pickup. You don’t need to compress the Puffy mattress using special equipment.


Repacking the Puffy mattress for moving

If you want to repack the Puffy mattress, you can do so as you usually would with other memory foam beds. But because you want to take advantage of the Puffy mattress warranty, you must be careful not to damage the bed during packing accidentally. Start by preparing your mattress cover for moving and a vehicle big enough to transport it flat. 

While you can learn how to compress a memory foam bed, doing it the first time is too risky. Therefore, cover your Puffy mattress with the right size cover, then lay it flat on the floor during moving. Having it uptight or placing items over it during the trip is never recommended because these practices can change the bed’s shape. 


Can You Fold A Puffy Mattress?

It’s not recommended to fold a Puffy mattress or any memory foam bed without checking with the manufacturer. But if moving the bulky item is too challenging and limiting, you can only roll it for a short period. Roll the mattress and secure it with ratchet straps, and you can read this tutorial for how to roll a mattress safely for more tips.  


Can You Reroll A Mattress?

You can reroll most foam beds, and it might even be possible with the Puffy mattress since all its layers are foam. However, try to keep any mattress rolled for a short time only or check with the mattress manufacturer with their recommendation. If your bed also has other components, avoid folding or rolling it because it might get deformed. 

For example, Puffy has two hybrid models, namely the Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. They have a coil support system, which can get damaged if you fold or roll the bed. If you’re also planning on returning any Puffy mattress, contact the company first to know how to prepare it for the return instead of forcing it back to the box. 


How Do You Roll A Mattress Back Up?

  1. Place the mattress inside a bag and seal it thoroughly
  2. Make an opening for the vacuum valve and seal any remaining space
  3. Vacuum up the bag to remove the air inside
  4. As the mattress flattens, begin rolling from one end to another
  5. Make sure you roll tightly, and there is no residual air inside the bag
  6. Place padding or towel before strapping the roll to prevent marks

Can I Fold A Mattress In Half?

You can fold a mattress if it’s made of foam, but never those with springs that can get damaged. Some foam beds even have a distinct demarcation where you can fold them for moving. If you want to learn more, here is a tutorial on how to fold a memory foam mattress


Does Folding A Mattress Damage It?

Rolling is preferred when you want to reduce the mattress size for moving and transport compared to folding. This is because folding might leave some beds unable to return to their shape without the mark where they’re folded. Still, you can always check with the brand’s customer service before intending to fold or roll your mattress.


Can You Compress A Hybrid Mattress?

Compressing a hybrid mattress is never recommended because of the coils it has. Only beds made from 100% foam are safe to compress because there are no extra pieces that can get broken once the mattress flattens. That being said, never compress innerspring and hybrid mattresses. 



And that’s it! To recap how to repack the Puffy mattress, you must first consult with the brand’s customer service. This is especially important if you’re preparing the bed for a return. 

But if you’re repacking the Puffy mattress for moving, you can cover it with the proper-size moving bag or roll it for a short time to save bulk. You can also ask Puffy if they recommend compressing their memory foam bed. 


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