DIY Project: How to Remove Yellow Stains From Graco Bassinet

This blog post talks about the steps on how to remove yellow stains from Graco Bassinet. Read and share your thoughts on the comment section.

Steps on How to Remove Yellow Stains From Graco Bassinet

There are many ways to remove yellow stains from the Graco bassinet. Most of these methods work well for removing the stubborn spots on fabrics and some do not need any chemicals or expensive products as long as you have a little patience and elbow grease. Here is how:

How to remove yellow stains from Graco Bassinet

Step 1. Remove all beddings such as loose fitted sheets, blankets, pillowcases etc…

Step 2. Clean with warm water and mild soap/ dish detergent solution then rinse thoroughly until there’s no trace of the chemical left. Make sure that it completely dries before using it again. If the spot still remains try other options below:

Step 3. Dampen a cloth in white vinegar apply gently but firmly onto stain leave for half an hour then normally without adding additional cleaning agent (vinegar) rinse it with warm water and let dry.

Step 4. Mix one cup of cold water, two tablespoons of cornstarch, three tablespoons salt then apply to the stain on your mattress cover gently but firmly rub into the fabric for a minute or so then allow to sit overnight. Then wash as usual in the machine adding detergent if needed.

Step 5. If all else fails you can use solvents such as Goo Gone which is available at most stores that sell household cleaning products. Apply the solution onto spot using an old toothbrush scrubbing vigorously until stains disappear this may take some time depending on how deep/old the stain has become. Afterwards, remember to read up on how to maintain your mattress.


What are the benefits of using Eddie Bauer Pack n’ Plays?

They are portable so you can easily take them with you on vacation or anywhere else you might need it. They fold up quickly and compactly for easy storage when not in use. Additionally, they come equipped with an attached changing table so if your little one happens to have a messy accident while travelling- no worries! All of these features make Eddie Bauer Pack n’ Plays some of the best travel beds around which is why we’re confident that once you try ours out -you won’t want to buy anything else ever again!

Eddie Bauer Pack n’ Plays are also a great choice for your home because they provide a safe and comfortable place to put your baby down when you need peace of mind that he or she is in an enclosed space. It has been proven that babies who sleep well grow up to be happier, healthier children with better memories!


Eddie Bauer Pack n’ Plays come equipped with many helpful features such as:

Storage pockets so you have easy access to diapers, wipes and other changing necessities without having to disrupt the baby’s slumbering schedule. These pockets even include a handy cell phone pocket on top – perfect if you want quick access while keeping everything tidy and organized inside. And don’t worry about spills occurring either because these pockets are water-resistant!

A removable full-size bassinet can be used up till your baby is about 15 pounds or so. This allows you to have a comfy, cosy place for the little one as he or she grows and changes before transitioning into a crib. Just remember though that this should only be done when the pregnancy has reached its third trimester to avoid injury from potential falls. And once your child outgrows it, simply remove the floor pad and use it as an on-the-go play yard.

How to clean my halo BassiNest swivel sleeper

Use a baby-safe cleaner to sanitize the surface of your Halo bassinet swivel sleeper. Test the product first on an inconspicuous area, then follow all directions for cleaning and let it air dry completely before using again. You can also take out each piece of fabric to wash in cold water with mild detergent separately.

Do not use bleach or harsh cleaners as these will damage the mattress’ waterproof barrier. It is best to spot clean any visible spots immediately after they occur using warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol applied directly onto towel marks or grease stains until you can remove them fully by hand without scrubbing. When dealing with milk residue/spots, gently scrape off excess solids.


How do you clean a bassinet pad?

A bassinet pad can be made of vinyl, cotton or another material. It should be machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water and dried with low heat. Since many styles are not waterproof, you must ensure that all the soap suds are rinsed out completely before placing them into the dryer so there is no residual moisture left over which may lead to mold problems later down the line.

Bassinets often come standard with matching comforters for added warmth during sleep time, but these cannot go through the washing machine due to their size and fabric type (quilted). You will need to spot clean them instead by blotting up any spills or messes immediately after they happen using mild detergent solution if necessary.

Once the cover is spotlessly clean, you can lay it out on a flat surface to dry away from direct sunlight or any heat source (radiators, for example) as this can cause colours and materials to fade over time especially if they are hung up while still damp.