How to Remove Wrinkles from Curtains

Regardless of the fabric’s purpose, we all hate wrinkle appearances in our clothes, especially in our curtains. It is also rather annoying o have to take them down and hang them again once the wrinkles start to reappear. Luckily, there are better and quicker alternatives to help you learn how to remove wrinkles from curtains.

You can try a handheld fabric steamer, wrinkle release spraying, and prevent them from coming back soon by adding weights in the hem.

how to remove wrinkles from curtains


Bring back the smooth and tailored look from your favorite draperies. We all know wrinkled curtains can be a pain to look at and ruin the neat, crisp, and elegant window makeovers that you try so hard to achieve. 


Steaming is generally one of the easiest ways to get rid of those messy fabric creases. You don’t have to feel intimidated by the idea of fabric steaming. It is better than taking the curtains down and ironing them once every month to learn how to remove wrinkles from curtains.

Step 1: Adjust your steamer.

Owning a personal handheld or garment steamer definitely has its perks, and it would make a good investment if you want a quick and efficient way to rid your curtains and clothes of those wrinkles. 


However, you don’t always need one of those expensive handheld steamers to get the straightening process going. You can always use a steam setting on your iron or use your hot shower as an alternative. 


For steam irons and handheld steamers, set the temperature to the appropriate level. Modern steamers usually have automatic settings labeled with fabric types that put them to the right temperature. Select the curtain fabric in one of the options and let it do its job.

Step 2: Steam your curtains

Keep your curtains neatly hung on the rod. Fill the tank with water and let the steamer heat to the optimal temperature. Start from the top left of the drapes and gradually move in a rightward direction. Make sure that the steam penetrates through the layers of fabric.


When steaming thinner sheer curtains or other sensitive fabric, you might want to hold it at a relative distance of at least six inches. On the other hand, keep the steamer closer to thicker material to ensure that it infiltrates and softens the crisp wrinkled fabric. 

Hot shower alternative

If you don’t have a steam setting on your iron or your own steamer, you can always use your shower’s heat setting. Take your curtains still hanging on the rod. Point your shower away from the curtain so that the water does not directly soak the fabric.


Let the hot shower run and close the door or any bathroom ventilation. Let the steam build up in your bathroom and leave your curtain fibers hanging. The heat will allow the fabric to loosen the fibers and relieve the curtain from creases. 


Once your curtain has sat in the steam for a good fifteen to thirty minutes, you can take it out and put it back on your windows. Let it dry and enjoy your crease-free curtains. 

Wrinkle release spray

Maintain your curtains straight and tailored look with an easy and cheap method using a wrinkle release spray. The liquid comes in a spray bottle and is scientifically designed to relax the curtain fibers. 


You can buy them in many online and physical stores. Hold the spray bottle at a six to eight-inch distance away from the curtain fabric. Spritz the curtain until it is damp but not completely soaked in the liquid. 


Please wait for the liquid to work its magic on the fabric and let it dry. You can also use an iron to straighten out on the spot. Apply the wrinkle release spray as often as necessary to eliminate light creases before it turns crisp and stubborn.

Avoiding wrinkles

Wrinkles typically come from tight curtain packaging that leaves stubborn lines across the fabric. You can quickly get rid of these types of fabric creases by washing, drying, and ironing your curtains before you hang them.


However, sometimes the wind and other factors affect our draperies and cause wrinkles to form over time. Reduce the possibility of creating these curtain wrinkles by adding drapery weights. The weights will hold the curtain down and stretch the fabric smoothly.


You can use traditional curtain weights that you can buy from any store. Please attach it to the bottom hem of your draperies and place it at even positions throughout the bottom hemming. It will weigh down the curtain as a whole and not just particular parts.

Care tips

The initial and most general method when treating wrinkled curtains is heat ironing and fabric steaming. However, some types of fabric are susceptible to heat. Sheer curtains made from silk, polyester, and other materials can melt quickly under high heat.


It is essential to read the curtain care instructions that usually come in the packaging. The manual should tell you the appropriate temperature to use when ironing your lovely draperies. After all, not every window treatment tolerates heat the same way.


Additionally, when placing your curtain in the washing machine or dryer, you might want to check first if it is a dry clean only type of fabric. In that case, it’s best to take them to the dry cleaners. 


Overall, knowing how to remove wrinkles from curtains is crucial in maintaining tailored, neat, and elegant-looking draperies. Many different methods will help you get rid of the unpleasant folds.