How to Remove Wheel of a Maclaren Quest Stroller

This blog post is going to teach you how to remove the wheel of a Maclaren Quest stroller. The process for removing the front wheel from this particular model is the same as most Maclaren strollers, and it’s super easy!


Wheel of a Maclaren Quest Stroller

Steps on How to Remove the Front Wheel of a Maclaren Quest Stroller

Step 1. Flip the stroller upside down on a padded surface. The wheels should be facing you under the body of the stroller.

Step 2. Disengage wheel from the axle by pressing two tabs side to side and pull up at the same time, or press tab on top of tire inwards towards the centre then push out with thumb against another tab as if opening a zipper while pulling upward simultaneously. Wheels should now be disengaged from axles but still attached via a rubber band (snap strap).

Pressing one will cause both to move away from one another like an accordion until they are released altogether. This can also be done without flipping over the entire apparatus simply by reaching underneath its frame.

Step 3. With the wheel now disengaged from the axle, pull it up and out. The opposite is true for removing rear wheels.

Step 4. Check other parts of the frame to ensure nothing has become disconnected in process of taking off or putting on the tire(s). Reattach as necessary if so. Return wheel by pushing back into place (aligning with slot/hole) then pressing tabs together until they snap shut again with a satisfying click sound.


How to open the Maclaren Quest stroller

The Maclaren Quest is a stroller that has an innovative design and many features. To open the quest, first lift on one of the handles to release it from the lock position so you can swing outwards and away from your body.

This manoeuvre should be done with both handles at the same time; otherwise, they might snap back into their locked position instead of opening. Once there’s enough room for you to get your fingers underneath the front axle, pull them apart gently but firmly until are released altogether.

This will also work without flipping over the entire apparatus by reaching underneath its frame With the wheel now disengaged from the axle, pull it up and out.

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How to clean a Maclaren double stroller

This is a step by step guide to cleaning the seat and undercarriage of your Maclaren double stroller.

Remove any materials from the stroller that may have become soiled, such as children’s toys or dirty diapers. Place these items in an appropriate receptacle before beginning to clean this surface.

It is not recommended for you to use hot water on lightweight materials or vinyl products because they could shrink or melt. Do not place electronics directly onto wet surfaces but instead wipe down with a damp cloth first will dry quickly without spreading bacteria around. If you do plan on getting them wet, please be sure to air-dry thoroughly after rinsing (e.g. use a towel to pat the surface dry)

Remove any mud that may be on the tire. Wipe off or clean with a damp cloth and allow it to air dry before proceeding. If you are using liquid soap, make sure it is safe for vinyl products as some can break down the material if applied too frequently.

Use your hands to unscrew one side of the wheel from its axle. The process will take approximately five seconds and requires no tools but there should be enough space between both sides so they don’t become stuck together while doing this step (e.g., place one hand at each end). Once removed, turn over and repeat steps two through four in reverse order to put the wheel back on.


How to Recline the Maclaren Quest stroller

The recline position is situated in the most rearward part of the stroller and will allow you to rest your child’s head on a soft, padded hood for nap time or feeding time.

Grasp both release levers located at either side of each seat individually with one hand. Withdraw them towards their respective sides while pushing back against the stroller frame until they click into place.

Repeat this step for the other set of levers so that both seats are fully reclined. Ensure that when done properly, each lever should be able to move independently from its partner without interference between them. If there is any resistance when trying to adjust these mechanisms it may indicate that the seat cover is too tight.

Grasp and hold firmly onto the hood tab located at either side of each front wheel with one hand, then pull up sharply until it releases from its locking mechanism.

Repeat this step for the other set of tabs so that both wheels are unlocked.


How to Fold a Double Maclaren Stroller

A double Maclaren stroller is wider and heavier than a single, so it’s important to fold the frame when you need to transport or store it. The most common way of folding is with two people; one can hold the handle while the other folds up seatbacks using their weight to push down on them until they’re flush against each other.

To make sure that your stroller doesn’t get scratched by rubbing back in forth inside its bag, use a piece of cloth between the metal frame and fabric at contact points (handlebars) before packing.

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