How to Remove Wax from Candlesticks

Let me guess, you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner over a candlelight dinner, right? But the problem is, the candlesticks in your basement still have some wax from last Christmas’ celebration. What to do? Well, don’t worry, we will teach you how to remove wax from candlesticks.


how to remove wax from candlesticks

How to Remove Wax from Candlesticks?

Brass, while less costly than silver or gold, has a shine that may brilliantly reflect the brightness of a candle. Brass candle holders have been a household favorite for generations due to their gradual corrosion. However, no matter how closely you monitor them, candle wax may fall onto the holder. 

Whether your brass candlesticks are an antique or a recent purchase, you may remove the wax without damaging them. Check to verify if the candlestick is made of solid brass. Attach a little magnet on your candlestick. 

If it slips off, your item is made of solid brass. If it sticks, the candlestick is steel with a brass cover. When removing the wax, take care not to damage the covering. This is one of the best tips to take when removing wax from candlesticks.


Methods on How to Remove Wax from Candlesticks


Method #1: Getting Rid of Candle Wax with Hot Water

  1. Fill your sink halfway with hot water. If your candlesticks are exceptionally filthy, consider adding vinegar to the hot water. Soak the candlestick in warm water until the wax softens.
  2. Use your fingernail or a soft plastic scraper. Remove the soft wax off the candlestick. Finally, use a dry towel to polish the surface.


Method #2: How to Use Your Freezer to Remove Melted Candle Wax

  1. Place the candlestick in the freezer for 45 minutes or until it is completely cold. Hold an ice cube immediately to the troublesome place until cold to remove little chunks of wax in easy-to-scrape locations. Using your fingernail or a soft plastic scraper, chip the frozen wax from the candlestick. 
  2. Using a dry towel, polish the surface. Although freezing works well for some candlesticks, it should not be used on antiques or those made of wood, metal, or porous materials. You’ll need to utilize the chipping approach instead.
  3. If your item won’t fit in your fridge, fill a plastic garbage bag halfway with ice cubes and place the piece inside. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before removing it. With your fingernail, chip off the solidified wax.


Method #3: How to Remove Wax from Candlesticks Using a Hair Dryer

  1. Plug in a blow dryer with a high heat setting, such as the sort you use for your hair. Set the blow dryer to the highest heat setting. Place the candlestick on top of three to five paper towels.
  2. Turn on the blow dryer and direct it towards the firm wax until it melts. It allows the melted wax to absorb on the paper towels. Dispose of the paper towels in a rubbish can.


Method #4: Place the Candlesticks in the Oven.

  1. Preheat your oven from 180°F to 190°F and lay your baking pan with the candle containers inside. Bake them at 350°F for 10 to 15 minutes. Enjoy the scents that emanate from your oven if you put scented wax in your candle containers.
  2. The baking pan should then be carefully removed from the oven using oven gloves. Examine the interiors of the containers. If there is still some wax that hasn’t melted, return the containers to the oven for a few minutes.
  3. Once nearly all of the wax has melted, remove the candle containers from the oven. Then, proceed to run onto the parchment paper. Place the baking pan on a heat-safe surface while wearing oven gloves.
  4. While the candle containers are still warm, remove any remaining wax. To remove wax, soot, and burned wick pieces, wipe the interior of each container with paper towels. Wipe the container’s outside and bottom to remove any wax drips or debris.
  5. Check the candle container for any chips, cracks, or other faults when wiping. Little hairline cracks may form when the jar is heated. Unfortunately, if you find a crack, it means the container isn’t worth reusing because it might be unsafe with a lit candle inside.
  6. Finally, let your candle containers cool before refilling with wax or using them for anything else. After each container has cooled, thoroughly check it for faults. It may be used as a container candle if it is in good shape.

Cleaning Your Candlesticks

  1. First, clean off any wax droplets. For a few minutes, soak the candlestick in boiling water. Then, with a paper towel, wipe away the melted candle wax.
  2. One teaspoon salt dissolved in ½ cup vinegar, followed by flour until the mixture forms a paste. Rub the brass all over, getting into every corner, cranny, knop, and well. Allow for a 10-minute rest period. 
  3. Buff dry after rinsing with warm water. If necessary, repeat. Place a little magnet on your candlestick to see if it is made of solid brass. 
  4. If the magnet comes off, your piece is almost certainly solid brass! If it sticks, the candlestick is made of steel with a brass coating on top. If this is the case, take care not to chip the coating when removing the wax.


Conclusion on How to Remove Wax from Candlesticks

Now that you know how to remove wax from candlesticks, you are set for your candlelight dinner. Be careful to choose which method applies to your candlesticks. You aim to be able to reuse your candlestick, not buy a new one. 

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