How To Remove Super Glue From Fabric Sofa Easily

There are only two steps to learn how to remove super glue from fabric sofa. We will discuss how to deal with recent glue or dried glue on the fabric. And the secret?

You will need acetone to prevent stains. Continuing throughout this article should also teach you if popular home solutions are effective. And if you encounter water stains from cleaning, here is a quick tutorial on removing water stains from fabric sofas.

How To Remove Super Glue From Fabric Sofa


Complete Guide On How To Remove Super Glue From Fabric Sofa


Step 1. Blot the excess glue and drop acetone onto the spot

  • Remove as much super glue on the fabric sofa with paper towels
  • Be careful not to get glue on your skin, and do not smear it throughout the couch
  • Add a drop of acetone onto the affected area to dissolve the residue and its parts that have dried up
  • Acetone is effective for removing super glue on fabric upholstery because it is a solvent, and water won’t work against the composition of  super glue or cyanoacrylate
  • You can also use a nail polish remover, but acetone is essentially colorless, making it more versatile for different fabric colors
  • Immediately dab the area where you place the acetone, and repeat until there is no more glue on the sofa
  • The emphasis is necessary on ensuring that your fabric won’t get damaged with solvents; if in doubt, test a small portion with acetone and wait for any reaction, such as fading

Step 2. Clean the residue and dropper

  • Check the cleaning label of your fabric sofa if it has recommended products
  • You can also remove the super glue stain with a dry cleaning solution on a cloth
  • Regardless of the product, do not saturate the cloth to make sofa drying quicker
  • Blot the stain to help the solution seep through the fabric fibers and lift the stain
  • Dry the couch with another cloth 
  • As for the dropper you used for the acetone, rinse it with a bit of hydrogen peroxide
  • You can then use the dropper with the hydrogen peroxide to apply a bit of it onto the stain if there is still any

How To Remove Super Glue Stains

If the material does not indicate anything against the use of solvents, you can also pre-treat the stain with rubbing alcohol. 

  1. Scrape the excess glue on the stain with a blunt object
  2. Spray some rubbing alcohol onto a soft cloth and use it to rub the stain gently
  3. Start from the outside to the center of the stain to avoid spreading the glue throughout the fabric
  4. Once you removed all the glue, pour some mild detergent on the affected spot and wait for 20 minutes
  5. You can then wash the fabric as you usually would 

How Do You Remove Dried Super Glue From Fabric?

Get rid of dried super glue in the fabric by scraping the excess first. Vacuum off the particles and then apply some products that can melt off the remaining dried super glue. Some everyday household items that can work include acetone, nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, oil, and petroleum jelly. 

But before you saturate the stained part of the fabric, test a small amount of your chosen substance for several minutes. Wipe off the cloth and check if some color transfers. Most fabrics are durable enough, but some materials might require a trip to proper upholstery cleaners.


How Do You Remove Super Glue Without Acetone?

It’s possible to remove the glue without acetone or other solvents such as rubbing alcohol. Mix some mild detergent and distilled water and use it to dissolve the super glue. If the adhesive still doesn’t peel off from scrubbing, you can use oil or lemon juice as well. 


Can Vinegar Remove Super Glue?

Vinegar can remove super glue if you don’t want to risk it with chemicals. Soak a cotton ball in distilled white vinegar and dab the affected area. The vinegar’s acidity should weaken the glue’s adhesiveness, so make sure to let it sit for a while before scraping the glue off. 

What about baking soda? It might work for some materials, and you can also use baking soda if you had some glue on your skin. Soak the affected area with a baking soda and coconut oil paste, and then rinse.  


Does WD 40 Remove Super Glue?

WD-40 can get rid of super glue because it weakens the adhesives on the latter. It’s a quick solution to clean off super glue on most household surfaces. However, be mindful of using WD-40 on some sofas, such as leather, because it can remove the finish of the material. 



Simple household items can dissolve super glue. In this tutorial on how to remove super glue from fabric sofa, we have discussed how acetone, vinegar, and even oils can weaken the adhesives and make it easier to remove fresh and dried super glue. However, always test any solution on an inconspicuous part of the couch before using it all over. 

Since we’re on the topic of super glue, you might also benefit from knowing how to remove other sticky and stubborn couch residues. Read this guide on how to remove slime from fabric sofa to always be prepared!


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