How To Remove Stains From Bed Sheets? 3 Easy Ways!

Do you know how to remove stains from bed sheets?

Oh, to think of it may be wearisome, but dear, it is straightforward!

how to remove stains from bed sheets

Every one of us wants to sleep on a clean bed.

We don’t want to see stains on our bedsheets, because honestly, it’s irritating.

That dramatic moment when you wake up with the sun kissing your cheeks.

As you open your eyes, you sighted that stain on your bed sheet; your day gets ruined.

So for you not to experience such frustration in the early morning, this article is made for you!

Dear friend, engage your thoughts as we discuss methods for you to always have that smile on your face as you embrace your bed.


Simple Ways To Remove Stains From Bed Sheets.

Bedsheets have been with us since we were babies until we become adults.

Even on our deathbed, they are present.

There are different kinds of bed sheets.

The more it’s getting thicker, the more you will be problematic if it is stained.

You are probably aware that bed sheets are different from our body clothes.

When it comes to the material and the washing method.

This article will deal with different stains and then identify how to remove stains from bed sheets.

We will assume that every method presented here is adequate for any bed sheet.


Way #1. Bloodstains

One of the stains we must consider is blood.


Because ladies have a monthly menstrual cycle, and leaks are of great possibility.

Of course, it is not just the girls who may contribute bloodstains.

Boys can also do.

Wounds and cuts are also unavoidable.

Not to mention nosebleeds.

Studies show that this kind of stain is included in the most intricate colors to remove.

In this section, we will discuss how to deal with bloodstains.


Make use of hydrogen peroxide

Blood is thicker than water, but water combined with cleaning agents can combat blood.

Hydrogen peroxide cannot be removed from the necessary cleaning agents present in your house.

However, you must take note that a solution of more than 3 percent can become corrosive.

Another danger is what we call bleaching.

Thus, it is essential to test the use of this chemical by applying a small amount to the blind area of the bedsheet.

If the chemical does not cause the fabric to bleach, you can now use that to remove the stain from the bedsheet.

Spray a small amount of hydrogen peroxide to the affected area and let the chemical stay for 3 minutes.

Using a clean and soft cloth soaked in cold water, rub the chemical in a circular direction until the blood is removed.


Way #2. Pee stains

Having kids at home may probably cause pee stains due to bedwetting or, sometimes, even when they are just playing.

The effect of the pee’s odor causes us to be much annoyed.

Pee stains can typically be get ridden by simply using our regular laundry bleach.

However, it kind of sticks to the bed sheet if it has sat there for a long time.

Also, if the bedsheet is quite thick, then that’s a problem.

Good news!

Every situation has its corresponding solution.

To remove pee stains, we will make our own bed sheet stain remover.

The process of making is straightforward.

It is just a matter of mixing, stirring, and observing the correct ratio.


The making

First, prepare a medium-sized bowl or a disposable container, which you can mix with convenience.

Also, prepare a spray bottle for the finished product.

Mix 30 ml of hydrogen peroxide (make sure to get a 3 percent sol bleach).

Also, baking soda of 65 grams and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid detergent.

Transfer this to the spray bottle.


The application

Spray the right amount of your finished product to the affected area, covering it entirely.

The solution will soon remove the stain by itself without getting your hands to get dirty.

After which, you can do your regular laundry on the bedsheet.

Then, it is good that you disinfect the bed sheet by sun drying.


Way #3. Puke stains

Night-outs have been a part of the lives of the majority.

And yes, puking is a part of it.

Puking also becomes a tough stain if we have babies or kids at home.

We, humans, tend to puke very often when we were young.

It is easier to deal with puke stains if it is on the clothes than on bedsheets.

We can deal with puke stains on the bed sheet.

The kitchen in our house always has stocks of vinegar.

This is what we will use to remove that puke stain on your bed sheet.

After you scoop the puke out of the bedsheet, you must then remove the stain.

In a spray bottle, mix vinegar and water at a 1:1 ratio.

Spray a considerable amount of this solution to the affected area and then sit for 5 minutes.

Rub off the stain until it is removed.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you learned how to remove stains from bed sheets.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

Your time and effort are much appreciated!

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