How To Remove Smoke Smell From Leather Sofa

There are two steps to learn how to remove smoke smell from leather sofa at home. In this tutorial, you will learn the safest way to remove odor from the leather sofa due to smoke. It doesn’t matter if the smell is from cigarettes or a burned item because this method will be effective.

You will use vinegar and dish soap, but we also included how you can take advantage of baking soda. So without further ado, let’s get started!

how to remove smoke smell from leather sofa


How To Remove Smoke Smell From Leather Sofa Effectively

There are many uses of vinegar for laundry, but it should also help remove the smoke smell from a leather couch. The key is diluting it with water so it wouldn’t dry the leather material too much. Follow these steps for using vinegar safely and efficiently. 


Step 1. Make a vinegar solution and rub it onto the sofa

  • Clean the leather sofa with a dry cloth or vacuum it off to get rid of potential dust build-up that can stain when wet 
  • Remove all the accessories and cushions for cleaning separately
  • Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a bowl
  • Dip a soft cloth in the vinegar solution and wring out the excess
  • Wipe the leather sofa with the damp cloth but do not oversaturate it with liquid
  • Allow the surface to dry as the vinegar neutralizes the smoke smell
  • Wash the sofa fabrics and foam according to their cleaning tag
  • Allow the other sofa accessories to dry before putting them back in place

Step 2. Clean the couch as usual

  • To freshen the leather couch further, proceed to clean it as usual
  • Prepare and use your trusted leather-formulated cleaner 
  • You can also mix some warm water with a few drops of dish soap for a homemade leather cleaner
  • Test the cleaning solution before using it on the couch, but you should easily find the best product if you can tell the quality of the leather sofa
  • Different types of leather materials will vary in the ideal products for cleaning, so choose responsibly
  • Collect the suds with a sponge and squeeze the excess liquid
  • Rub the leather sofa gently, ensuring that you’re also reaching the cracks and crevices
  • Wipe the leather couch with a dry cloth to remove the excess moisture
  • Allow the sofa to air dry and place the pillows and other fabrics you have cleaned and dried

How Do I Get Cigarette Smell Out Of Leather Couch?

Using baking soda on the leather sofa is an effective way to freshen the furniture. This is because baking soda absorbs residual moisture that is responsible for damp smells and noticeable odors. However, baking soda can also eliminate the smell of cigarettes on the leather couch. 

You can use it after cleaning the sofa with the vinegar solution or dish soap mixture. Sprinkle baking soda all over the couch surface. Let it sit overnight, then vacuum it off the next day. 

You might also benefit by aerating the leather sofa outside. Just make sure that it’s out of direct sunlight or else you’ll need to know how to fix faded leather caused by the UV rays. Ensure that you have cleaned the other items on the couch as well because they might’ve absorbed the cigarette smell you are noticing. 


Does Smoke Stay In Leather Seats?

Leather is a porous material due to being made from animal skin and hide. Therefore, your leather seats and sofas can absorb the smoke smell. The idea of using vinegar to deodorize leather is to neutralize the smoke odor, and cleaning the couch should remove the smoke’s tar and oil trapped on the surface.

To avoid getting the smoke odor on your leather items, smoke outdoors as much as possible. You should even open the windows and turn on the fan to circulate the air. Having an air purifier in the room might also help hasten the deodorizing process in the room itself. 


Can I spray Febreze on the leather sofa?

Odor eliminator sprays such as Febreze can help eliminate smoke smell in the room but do not use it directly on your leather sofa. Remember that despite being a durable material, leather should not be used with any products as easily. You risk staining or even fading the furniture, so always stick to specially-formulated products designed for leather only. 

On the contrary, some fabrics should be safe for use with Febreze. You can deodorize a sofa with sprays as long as you tested it on an inconspicuous spot beforehand. Just remember that nothing beats cleaning the sofa itself rather than masking the smell. 


What Is The Smell Of Real Leather?

Did you know that smell is one of the things to look for when buying a leather sofa? This is because the unique, organic scent is a good indicator that the couch uses genuine leather. Otherwise, faux leather and other synthetic materials have a plastic smell. 



Do not worry if you happen to smoke indoors and you have leather furniture. To recap this guide on how to remove smoke smell from leather sofa, you can use diluted vinegar to neutralize the scent before cleaning the couch. This procedure is similar to removing the smoke odor from sofas that use other materials. 

However, always test any product on your couch to avoid potential staining and fading. We hope this guide helped you, and let us know in the comments if you have additional questions. 


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