How To Remove Rust Stains From Concrete With Pressure Washer? 7 Easy Steps!

Do you want to know how to remove rust stains from concrete with pressure washer? If yes, remove the rust stains but first treat its surface with rust remover. There are seven easy steps that you can follow, and here are just a glimpse of the process:

Rinse it off with a pressure washer to expect great results after. If you think the stain is still on the concrete surface, it means you’re doing something wrong. The choice of rust remover relies much upon the time the stain stays on the concrete surface. If it has sat on the concrete surface for some time now, it’s more challenging to remove it. Begin with the minor treatment of rust stains if you are unsure of how old it is. Now, if it still does not work, continue with the primary treatment for rust stains. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!

how to remove rust stains from concrete with pressure washer


Steps To Remove Minor Rust Stains From Concrete With Pressure Washer

Be sure first of the concrete surface you will be dealing with before going with the rust treatment. The acid-treated and painted concrete surface is delicate. It is also susceptible to more acidic cleaning essentials. It is good to dilute cleaning solutions to a soft and painted concrete surface. Use only 1-part of the cleaning solution to 1-part of the water ratio. Then, prepare the materials needed as water, liquid detergent, rubber gloves, vinegar or pure lemon juice, safety glasses, & a pressure washer. Anyway, how to remove rust stains from concrete with pressure washer:


Step #1. Cleaning the concrete surface with water and soap

Get rid of the rust stains from concrete with water and soap. Remove the grease or dirt from the surface. Thick grime and dirt can remove the acids as they penetrate the concrete surface. Thus, it eventually pulls the rust stain.


Step #2. Rinsing off the solution

Rinse the soapy solution to the rust stains from the concrete surface. And then, use cleaner water after. Next, get rid of the soap traces from the concrete surface.


Step #3. Applying lemon juice

Apply the lemon juice undiluted over the rust stains. Lemon juice makes a powerful and excellent removal solution for stains.


Step #4. Soaking the concrete surface with lemon juice

Soak the concrete surface with rust stains with lemon juice. Allow the liquid to sit for ten to fifteen minutes. Allow the lemon juice as it steeps for fifteen minutes and penetrates the area intensely. It then reacts with the stain.


Step #5. Rinsing the acid with pressure washer

Use a pressure washer when rinsing the acid from the concrete surface. This device is a great alternative when you scrub the surface. Select the correct nozzle of the pressure washer. Opt for a zero or fifteen-degree nozzle for a forceful and robust spray. A lower pressure washer type of nozzle brings out a firmer and more pointed spray.


Step #6. Rinsing the rust stains

Rinse the rusted area & let it dry. If it still has a persisting stain, follow a similar process.


Step #7. Replace white vinegar with lemon juice

Opt for white vinegar instead of lemon juice if the second one does not get rid of the rust stain. Truly, vinegar makes an excellent cleaning solution. It’s also more robust as compared to lemon juice.


Steps To Remove Major Rust Stains

You will know it is a significant rust stain if the lemon juice and white vinegar method fail. So, opt for a more vital acid or commercial type of rust cleaner. The best rust stain remover for a concrete surface is that with oxalic acid. Oh, before everything else, you may want to read about how to remove rust with oxalic acid

Anyway, some valuable acids contain trisodium phosphate and hydrochloric acid as they dilute in water. Avoid hydrochloric acid left on the concrete surface for too long, or it will result in discoloration. Dilute 2-parts with 1-part of water if you go to the acidic solution to stay for a while. It does keep it from turning the surface blue. And, follow all the safety warnings on the bottle label because acids are corrosive. Wear some protective gear. Prepare the materials like a pressure washer, rubber gloves, safety glasses, water, soap, commercial rust remover, long pants, & long-sleeved shirts.


Step #1. Gathering the equipment and  materials

Place the protective gear & gather the equipment and material needed.


Step #2. Cleaning the concrete surface with water and soap

Clean the concrete surface with rust stains using water and soap. It does remove the grease and grime from the surface. Dirt can ruin the results as it limits the ability of the acid to go deeply into the concrete surface.


Step #3. Rinsing the stained area

Rinse the area stained with rust with water. Allow it to dry. Never apply a commercial type of rust cleaner to the wet spot. Or else, it may just lower its efficacy rate. Better to read the instructions label.


Step #4. Applying rust remover

Apply the rust stain remover onto the affected concrete area. Read the safety instructions and the directions on the bottle.


Step #5. Allow the rust stain remover to sit still

Allow the rust stain remover or acid to stay still for a while. Never attempt to allow the mixture to last longer, or it may damage the concrete surface.


Step #6. Rinsing using a pressure washer

Rinse the concrete with a pressure washer after the steeping time completes. The pressure washer has an eighty-time pressure of the hose pipe, making it effective instead of a scrubbing brush. Now, this washer deals with rust stains more effectively on a concrete surface.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you have known how to remove rust stains from concrete with pressure washer. Get the best results after rinsing it off with a pressure washer. White vinegar or lemon juice undiluted is ideal when you deal with minor stains. Include the tips mentioned in how to remove significant rust stains. Read related articles; know how to clean concrete without pressure washer and how to clean concrete patio without pressure washer

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