How To Remove Pet Hair From Fleece Blanket: 3 Easy Steps

It can be a real inconvenience if you do not know how to remove pet hair from fleece blanket. If you have furry pets at home, then we guess you experience the same thing—stacked up animal furs in your garments. Worry less as there are ways and tips to keep you off this problem.

A fleece blanket is commonly made from synthetic fibers, making it an easy magnet for fur. You’ll need to use different tools to remove the pet hair, or you can always do preventive actions to help you avoid pesky cleaning.

how to remove pet hair from fleece blanket


3-Step Guide On Removing Pet Hair From Your Delicate Blankets


Step #1. Do a pre-wash treatment

Pets sometimes love to snuggle on a smooth and fluffy surface, just like how humans do, especially in items made of fleece. However, their huddles tend to leave a bunch of their furs.

First, lay the blanket flat. To start removing the pet hair, choose among the pre-washing ways provided below.


Rubber gloves or squilgee

Use rubber gloves, as you wear them in both hands, to scrub across the surface of the blanket. Rubbers hold a good grip on smooth surfaces, so they can easily take off the stifling hair from a fleece item. If you don’t have any rubber gloves, squilgee can be a substitute.

After repeatedly scrubbing and some furs do not come off, the rubber gloves or the squilgee are dipped or sprayed with water. It is to dampen them a little to remove the excess pet hair.

It is also only done if the furs are too persistent in getting off the blanket. The gloves and squilgee should be super dry when doing the initial scrub.


Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloth is also on the top list when it comes to great cleaning tools. It has a million fibers that grips and lifts different kinds of dirt.

For a microfiber cloth, wipe it in an up and down motion, making sure that it covers all the surface of the blanket. Similar to rubber gloves and squilgee, the microfiber cloth must be dry when in use.


Lint adhesive roller

Adhesives are excellent removers of pet hair from the fabric of any kind. You can use ordinary scotch tape too.

To remove the furs, roll them all over the blanket. When the adhesive band has enough furs, change the strip into a new one and roll it again. Continue until all the pet hair is gone.


Step #2. Put in the machine

After removing as many furs as possible by following the pre-wash treatment, the blanket is ready for tossing inside the dryer in a no-heat mode. Put the blanket together with a lint trap or a microfiber cloth.

Set the timer for at least 10 minutes. This method will remove even more fur from the blanket.

Now, it’s time to wash it. Use mild detergent and cool water for a gentle wash cycle. Afterward, switch to the rinse cycle.

In removing pet hair from fleece blankets, machine-washing is not a requirement. You can do any of the pre-wash treatments alone to eliminate the furs.


Step #3. Dry and keep 

After rinsing, line-dry or use a dryer. When the blanket dries, make sure to fold and keep it in a safe storage bag or cabinet.


How To Remove Pet Hair From The Washer

There’s a tendency that pet hair will create clumps when soaked in a laundry washer. It can get stuck inside or clog off the drainage of the washing machine.To get rid of the pet hair, locate and clean the lint filter (screen) of the washer.

If it is removable, by soaking it with detergent and warm water solution for ten minutes. If the screen is non-removable, wipe it with a dry microfiber or lint remover cloth. Additionally, putting in white vinegar, hot water, and baking soda would give the washer a deep clean before running a new cycle.


Fabric Types That Are Repellent To Pet Hair

While fleece garment’s material is inescapably prone to sticking to pet hair, some skins and fabrics repel pet hair the best. Some can be great selections as alternatives for fleecy items too.

  • Leather – It slides off furs directly and makes them easy to wipe off.
  • Silk – It has a natural slippery quality that prevents pet hair from sticking and accumulating into it.
  • Microfiber – Its tight weaves make it repellent to furs. It is also safe for vacuuming.



Now that you know how to remove pet hair from fleece blanket, you don’t have to fret over the piled-up loose hair sneaking into your cozy and fluffy blanket. You can also groom your pets regularly to prevent them from shedding too much hair. Be sure that you’d do it outside, though.

It isn’t guaranteed to solve the problem completely, but it gives you more hassle-free cleaning times.