How To Remove Mold From Washing Machine Rubber Seal: 5 Steps

Molds grow where there is moisture so it does not come as a surprise if you find yourself learning how to remove mold from washing machine rubber seals. This is an urgent task because any delay could cause a bad odor in your clothes.


how to remove mold from washing machine rubber seal

Mold Removal Process For Your Washing Machine Rubber Seal

Below are steps you could apply to prevent any worst consequences of mold on your clothes. Remember to take safety precautions such as wearing gloves, goggles, and masks to avoid triggering respiratory issues. 


Step #1. Do a small prep with the seal

This small preparation means cleaning the seal to make it more absorbent of the solution you would apply later on. You can do so by soaking a towel or rag in a soapy water and gently rub it on the moldy seal.

In cleaning the seal, make sure you do not waste your efforts by reaching every accessible part whether it’s underneath or behind it. Also, remember to change the water or rinse the towel each time you think it is already absorbing too much dirt.

Since this is only the pre-cleaning stage, your main focus should just be on the moldy stains that can be easily removed. Leave the tougher stains for later steps. 


Step #2. Get rid of the solidified soap

One of the major breeding grounds for molds in washing machines is the solidified soap found between the spaces of the machine. You can remove this through using the same materials as mentioned in the previous step.

You may also opt to remove the soap dispenser to easily clean the inaccessible areas. Make sure the dispenser is completely dry before attaching it again.

However, for dispensers that cannot be detached, you can reach far corners through using a pipe or bottle cleaner. To know more about the mystery behind why molds grow in different areas of your washing machines, you can gather helpful information in this article


Step #3. Use a mold remover

It is undeniable that the easiest method to get rid of mold is through applying a mold remover solution. This usually comes in spray bottles like the Concrobium Mold Control. For a guide on its usage and other essential information, you can check it here.

This is mainly applicable with corners that are hard to reach. With just a few sprays, you can ensure that the mold gets off the affected area. If the mold does not get removed in an instant, it means that the solution must sit for a few minutes to completely penetrate on the surface.

Once you are done spraying, use an old cloth to wipe off the mold from the rubber seal. You can opt to use a product that is free from harmful chemicals to avoid posing any possible health risk. 


Step #4. Run an empty machine wash

For this step to be highly effective, you must set your machine water to the hottest temperature. This ensures that the mold is completely removed from the washing machine rubber seal. If you want, you can also add a cleaning agent like a cup of bleach or baking soda to get your desired results.

If bleach is not available in your home, you can achieve the same results with a washing machine cleaner and a cup of dishwasher detergent. Either of these cleaning solutions, you should allow the empty machine wash for several minutes.

If you can still see the dirt lurking around, then repeat the process. You need to be certain that your washing machine rubber seal is free from any type of mold.


Step #5. Do the finishing cleanup

Lastly, when the washing machine cycle is done, wipe off the remaining mold with a soft cloth, it is recommended to do this while the machine is still hot because this means that the molds are soft enough to be removed.

It is also advisable to use fresh water to remove the mold. After this step, just leave the machine open to allow it to completely dry. 


Routine Rubber Seal Cleanups

To prevent any mold buildup from growing in your washing machine rubber seals, you should run a service wash once a month. This particularly applies to washing machines with heavy use or those that often load grimy clothes.

It is also important for you to know how to identify molds. You can check a helpful guide here so you can learn different mold colors

If you are wondering “how fast does mold grow” so you know when to insert your routine cleanups, you can consult this article. Basically, you should be well-aware of the villain in your home!



A part of being a homeowner is learning how to remove mold from washing machine rubber seal. Sure, you are dealing with one of the major villains in home improvement, but you can play hero or heroine by following the steps in this guide. It is high time to ease that crease on your forehead.

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