How To Remove Mold From Popcorn Ceiling In 4 Easy Ways

Popcorn ceilings tend to collect more moisture, making them more prone to mold growth. Read through to know how to remove mold from popcorn ceiling in simple ways.

Due to its unique texture, having a lot of crannies and nooks, getting rid of mold in popcorn ceilings may seem impossible. However, if you have the right materials and tools, you can easily do it without the need of help from professionals. 


Getting Rid Of Mold On Your Ceiling


Method #1. Using Bleach Solution

Bleach is one of the most accessible weapons you can use to fight and kill mold. Just follow the four simple steps below and a clean, mold-free popcorn ceiling will come your way.


Step #1. Wear protective gears

Bleach has dangerous fumes which can threaten your health if you inhale it. Put on a mask, protective eyewear, and gloves before you proceed with the task. Also, make sure that the area is well-ventilated so the air will freely flow.


Step #2. Make a solution

The next step you have to do is to create a bleach and water solution in a container. Mix ten parts of water with one part of bleach. 


Step #3. Apply the solution to the area of damage

Grab a piece of cloth or a sponge to use in applying the solution to the ceiling. Dip it in the solution and carefully wipe away the mold. Make sure to squeeze in excess solution from the cloth or sponge so it won’t drip down and damage your floor.


Step #4. Dry the area

Once you have wiped out all the mold off your ceiling, it is time to dry it out. Use a dry cloth to wipe away the moisture and let the ceiling dry completely by air afterwards.


Method #2. Mold removal using vinegar

Some homeowners prefer using vinegar rather than bleach and other chemicals to remove mold. It’s acidic and anti-microbial properties are helpful in getting rid of mold. Here is a 3-step guide to using vinegar for mold removal.


Step #1. Spray the area of damage with vinegar

Pour a generous amount of vinegar in a spray bottle. Do not dilute it with water. Spray the vinegar to the affected area and let it sit for at least one hour.


Step #2. Wipe away the mold

After an hour, use a sponge or clean cloth to wipe away the mold. Do it carefully to avoid running the texture of your popcorn ceiling.


Step #3. Dry out the area

Once you have wiped away all the mold from your popcorn ceiling, grab a clean cloth and wipe it dry. Absorb all the moisture to completely dry out the ceiling.


Method #3. Mold treatment using baking soda

Aside from vinegar, baking soda is also one of the best home remedies for mold. Here’s how to use it.


Step #1. Make a solution

Mix a one-quarter tablespoon of baking soda with water to dissolve it. Pour it in a spray bottle for easy application.


Step #2. Spray and scrub the area

Spray the area with the solution. Use a brush to gently scrub off the mold from your popcorn ceiling. 


Step #3. Reapply and dry

Spray the area once again with the solution and dry it out without cleaning it. It will help prevent decay.


Method #4. Using mold cleaner in your ceiling

If you are one of the homeowners who are not fond of using homemade cleaners, you can also use mold cleaners. The process of using mold cleaners is not far from using the homemade ones. Here’s how you do it.


Step #1. Wear gears to protect yourself

Since mold cleaners contain various chemicals, it is best that you wear something to protect yourself. Wear a mask, a pair of gloves, and a protective eyewear to avoid inhaling the chemicals. Keep the area well-ventilated to avoid suffocation.


Step #2. Spray the solution to the area

Spray a thin layer of the mold cleaner to the affected area. Be careful not to spray it towards you to avoid potential health hazards.


Step #3. Let the surface dry

Before proceeding with removing the mold, let the surface area dry first so it will be absorbed by the popcorn ceiling.


Step #4. Wipe the mold with a damp cloth

Once the mold control is completely absorbed, use a damp cloth to wipe away the mold growth. Be careful not to damage the texture of the popcorn ceiling as much as possible.


Step #5. Reapply mold control

After removing all the mold, reapply a thin coat of mold control. It will help prevent mold growth from recurring. 

Here is a helpful guide in using concrobium mold control that you can check out. If you are wondering how fast mold grows, you can also read this article.



Now that you know several ways on how to remove mold from popcorn ceiling, you don’t have to worry anymore about mold growth. All you have to do know is to prevent the same problem from happening again. Save yourself from the hassle and keep your home and health safe.


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