How To Remove Mold From Leather Bag: 5 Easy Steps

You thought that molds could only grow on home furnishings, but now you are asking yourself about how to remove mold from leather bag. Cast your fears away; this task is pretty achievable, especially if you own a high quality leather bag.

With a few tips and tricks, you can easily make your moldy leather bag look as new as it was. You just need to allot some of your time, effort, and resources which you can quickly grab out of your kitchen cupboards and laundry areas.

how to remove mold from leather bag


Steps On Removing Molds From Leather Bags


Step #1. Remove the bag’s contents

Of course, you cannot begin the cleaning process if you do not remove everything inside your bag. This still applies even if you are only cleaning the outer part of the bag. You are dealing with molds here and if you do not want to waste your efforts, it should be done as thoroughly as possible.

Once the bag is empty, softly brush it with an old but clean cloth or a gentle brush. This serves as a pre-cleaning stage before the actual cleanup. 


Step #2. Prepare cleaning solutions

In this step, you do not need to walk to the convenience store. You can easily look for these things inside your home.

A few of which are vinegar, lemon juice, makeup remover, and disinfectant. Mix either of this with an adequate amount of water.


Step #3. Softly swipe with cloth

When you already have a cleaning solution, drench an old cloth into the mixture. Use it to wipe off the mold from the affected area. Make sure that you wrung out the wet cloth enough to not allow excessive moisture.


Step #4. Dry it out

Ensure that you dry your leather bag in an area that has direct access to sunlight. Through this, there is no chance for mold growth as they only thrive in dark and damp environments. Make it certain that there are no signs of water left as any form of moisture can lead to potential mold infestation.


Step #5. Apply moisturizers

To make your leather bag as new as it was, use a trusted leather moisturizer. This will ensure that the leather continues to look it’s shiny best. It will also evidently avoid flaking, wrinkling, and cracking of leather.

If you think you own a high quality leather bag, then this means that you do not have to apply the mentioned step above. You can simply skip it as the leather will restore its natural shine on its own.


Step #6. Use a deodorant

There are times that even if mold is already out of sight, its smell still persists. When this happens, just simply check first the care label instructions in order to avoid further damage than mold.

If it is not prohibited, you can spray some deodorant inside your bag. After which, bathe it in sunlight.

Make sure that you do it during the hours that are not excessively hot. Also, remind yourself that you should not leave your bag outside during the night as this will lead to intolerable levels of humidity.


Why Does Mold Grow On Leather?

Molds are not picky on their breeding ground. It only needs two things to multiply in a certain environment ― moisture and humidity. When leather bags are stored in a place that provides these requirements, a mold spore can immediately start a colony.

Molds also do not make an exception for luxurious and expensive leather bags. There is still a high chance that these might be prone to mold and mildew infestation. Thus, you should do a regular checkup on your bags or if not, try to learn some tips on how to prevent it from growing. 


How To Prevent Mold In Leather Bags

It is a no-brainer that in order to avoid mold from attaching on your leather bags, you must apparently learn to maintain it correctly and regularly. To do so, you can review its care label instructions or consult its manufacturer.

If your leather bag happens to be water damaged, this article can give you essential information on how to soften water damaged leather. If you are dealing with a brown water damaged leather, then this easy step-by-step guide can aid you in your worries. Through these prevention tips, you are not merely taking good care of your leather bags, you are also keeping mold allergic reactions and respiratory issues at bay.

This mold remediation process might be a hassle but it will definitely save you from two potential problems. Thus, when you spot any signs of mold, you should not delay the cleaning process. A single spore can multiply in an instant and might lead to a worst case scenario.



It might not be easy to learn how to remove mold from leather bag. It’s one of our items that needs to be delicately handled as one wrong move might lead it to its worst condition. However, with this helpful guide, you can surely avoid making any rookie mistakes.

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