How To Remove Mold From Inflatable Bounce House: 3 Phases

Know how to remove mold from inflatable bounce house and save your enjoyment. All you have to do is follow a three-phase guide — before, while, and after removing mold.

Inspecting an inflatable bounce house is just as important as the question of “should you get mold inspection when buying a house.” A real house and an inflatable bounce house only differ in structure and material still they share a common purpose which is to make someone feel safe and at ease.

how to remove mold from inflatable bounce house

Now, prepare yourself because this might cause you physical exhaustion. Start with gathering the needed materials up to the three-phased cleaning process itself.

Nevertheless, it will be worth it!


All About Inflatable Bounce House

Inflatable bounce houses have a purpose to give joy to children and even to the young at heart. However, despite that, molds made their use of these houses, which is to become their residence.

It might be a little funny to think of, but still, it should be taken seriously. After all, it is expensive — owning one is already an investment. 

So if you don’t want to put your investment into waste, make sure to take good care of it. Molds in your inflatable bounce house must be removed using the right tools or equipment.


Materials Necessary To Get Rid Of Molds


1. Cleaning agent

A cleaning agent is an essential material you will use in removing mold in an inflatable bounce house. However, finding this in stores is not easy.

With that, listed below are some household cleaning agents you can use. Just visit the link for further information on how to use these products. 

  • Distilled vinegar 
  • Borax
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach


2. Water

You can use water in two ways. The first one is you can equally mix it with the cleaning agents while the other is for cleansing. 


3. Bristle brush

After you put or spray any cleaning agent mentioned above, you will be using a brush. Use a bristle brush to scrub the mold-infested area. 


4. Hand gloves

While removing the mold, you must wear hand gloves. Protecting your hands also means protecting your whole body.

A hand glove will ensure your protection from irritation due to the cleaning agents. Also, to avoid direct contact with the mold. 


5. Disinfectant

Use a disinfectant right after you finish removing all the molds. Sanitize both inside and outside areas of your inflatable bounce house.


3 Phases In Removing Mold

Complete this three-phase guide and get rid of mold effectively.


1. Before removing mold

This “before” phase can also be called the “dry-cleaning.”

Here, you need to inspect every corner and part of your bounce house. Check if there are physical damages like tears and rips.

Most importantly, look for signs of mold development. Mark everything that you think needs to be fixed off.

Take all the time you need to examine the inflatable bounce house. Do not rush so that you will not overlook other details.

After inspecting, you must now remove unnecessary stuff. Put away the toys, clothes, or anything that was inside the inflatable bounce house.


2. While removing mold

The actual mold removal process is the most important of the three. It will dictate whether changes will happen or not.

To start this off, ready all materials that were required of you earlier. Put them all in an easy-to-get and safe area, especially the vacuum cleaner. 

When removing the mold, follow these easy steps.


Step #1. Apply the cleaning agent

It is highly advisable to pour the solution into a spray bottle. This way, you can apply it through spraying; there’s no direct contact needed.

Remember to wait for an hour before you proceed with the next step.


Step #2. Scrub the mold

Use your bristle brush to scrub the mold. Do it with all your strength but make sure that the force will not damage the bounce house.

Continuously scrub all infested areas until every mold presence is gone. If there is mold left, it will cause another trouble by once again — spreading.


Step #3. Cleanse with water

Rinse everything with water, yes, as in the whole inflatable bounce house. Pay extra attention to areas where mold grows.

Cleansing will wash away the mold particles as well as the cleaning solution. Do it to make sure that fragments will cause no harm to anyone.


3. After removing mold

We hope you followed the second phase accurately because you are now down to the last part.

Disinfect the whole bounce house because water is not enough to kill other bacteria. When done, keep it dry as much as possible to prevent further growth of molds. 



Playing in an inflatable bounce house is fun, not until it becomes moldy! No need to worry because, with proper materials, you can get rid of them.

It is necessary to know how to remove mold from inflatable bounce house. We expect that this guide helped you out, now, do your part and start cleaning!

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