How To Remove Mold From Canvas Tent Trailer: 3 Perfect Ways

In this article, you will learn how to remove mold from canvas tent trailer in three ways. One way of removing mold is by using a commercial product. The other two are more homeowner-friendly. If you’re curious about this, be sure to read our article about mold removal until the end!


how to remove mold from canvas tent trailer

Mold On Canvas Tent Trailer

Mold is not picky with its victims. Considering how mold spores are everywhere, it instantly forms when they find an environment to settle on and feed. If you wish to lessen the chances of mold growth in your space, look into this article about eradicating mold spores


How does mold grow on canvas tent trailers?

Mold grows on trailers’ canvas tents the same way it grows everywhere else. It festers in hidden and humid environments.

You may ask, “Tents are used in plain sight; how do they acquire mold?” Sometimes, mold grows on tents due to the weather, leaving the tent damp.

Mold grows even in minuscule amounts of moisture. Hence, it’s not surprising how it can develop on canvas tents.

Another reason for mold growth is improper storage, and it is related to the reason mentioned above. If you put your canvas tent away without properly drying it, it will be mold-contaminated the next time you use it. It may even damage the tent’s material beyond repair. 


What are the tell-tale signs of mold on canvas tent trailers?

If you notice black spots on your tent, then it is most probably mold. Mold growth on canvas tents tends to be either black or green. Look into this article that may help you identify mold through its color.

On the other hand, mildew tends to be more powdery. However, both of these fungi cause discoloration and may lead to further damage if not treated immediately. 


What are the effects of mold on people?

Apart from material damage, mold can cause respiratory issues in people vulnerable to mold. Children, pregnant women, and the elderly are among the demographics that are especially susceptible to the adverse effects of mold.

Hence, a family trip with a moldy canvas tent may result in a negative experience. Besides respiratory issues, mold can lead to skin allergies, so it would be challenging to have a good time with such concerns. 


How can I protect my canvas tent from mold?

Routinely check your tent for water pooling on the eaves. Then, ensure that water doesn’t drip to the canvas’ sidewalls.

Also, ensure that your tent is dry. Prevent water from entering your tent. Lastly, ventilate your tent.

Condensation inside a tent is sometimes unavoidable. However, there are ways to counter trapped moisture.

First, open the windows all the way if it’s not raining. If it is, then just open the top portion.

Add a fan if you are in a humid environment. During the rainy season, consider investing in insulation to keep the tent’s interior dry. However, if your tent already has mold, look into the next part to see how to remove them. 


Removing Mold From Canvas Tent Trailer   


Method #1. Lemon juice and salt paste

This is an all-natural solution and is significantly less harsh on the material than bleach. 

Step #1. Place salt on a small plate. Then, fetch a lemon and cut it in two. After that, squeeze the lemon juice onto the salt.

Step #2. Mix the lemon juice and salt using a teaspoon to make a paste. Then, put some of the lemon juice-salt paste on an unused toothbrush and roughly scrub the mold-contaminated areas with it.

Step #3. Get some warm water, then gently rinse the material. Repeat the scrubbing, but this time you don’t need to rinse it with warm water. 


Method #2. Heated soapy water

From all-natural, we go to a semi-natural solution. This time we’ll use a non-detergent soap and hot water to deal with mold growth on canvas tents. 

Step #1. Warm up the water in your tub up to 40° C, then put non-detergent soap into the water. Dissolve the soap by mixing it. 

Step #2. Place the tent into the bathtub and scrub the affected areas. Then, rinse it with clean water and leave it to dry under the sun. 


Method #3. Mold stain eraser

Compared to the first two, this one is a commercial product specifically made to deal with mold. Mold stain erasers penetrate to the mold roots, eliminating it without the use of bleach. It even creates an invisible antimicrobial barrier to counter future mold growth.

Step #1. Put two and three-fourths tablespoons into a spray bottle with warm water. Then, dissolve the mold stain eraser by shaking the bottle. 

Step #2. Look for the mold-affected areas. Then, spray the solution on those spots until the mold-contaminated parts of the tent are soaked.

Step #3. Leave the mold stain eraser solution on the surface and let it dry. Do not wash it with water. If you see traces of mold on the canvas, repeat the second and third steps. 



Learning how to remove mold from canvas tent trailer may be a game-changer for your vacations. It could help prevent health issues and make your trip more amenable!

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