How To Remove Melted Plastic From Electric Stove Burner? 4 Easy Steps!

How to remove melted plastic from electric stove burner? A hot burner and a restricted counter area on the stove might unintentionally melt the plastic bag, container, or lid on a cooktop.  And if that happens, you should learn how to take it out as fast as you can because it can harm your entire household.

You can remove plastic from a stove burner using the proper tools and ventilation without replacing the burner or cooktop.  Please follow the procedures below to remove melted plastic from the electric stovetop burner. Rest assured; we will do this in no time, so don’t get intimidated by this chore just yet.

how to remove melted plastic from electric stove burner


Steps To Remove Melted Plastic From Electric Stove Burner

Melted plastics are hard to remove, and they can cause havoc to one’s health if you inhale an excessive amount of fume. Thankfully, there could be several ways when it comes to how to remove melted plastic from electric stove burner. Below we have chosen the most straightforward method that you can use. We also provided other options below.


Step #1. Preparation

Before anything else, you need to gather all the things that you will need for this task. That includes a wooden spoon or spatula, paper towels, fan, stovetop protection, razor, sponge scrubber, and a piece of drywall. Moreover, wear masks and gloves as protection.


Step #2. Soften the plastic

The next thing you want to do is soften the plastic to be easy to remove. Raise over the hood of the stove or vent range. Turn and wait for the surface burner element to warm up. The graver is not overheated as the instrument used to scrape the melted plastic or foil might eventually burn it.


Step #3. Scrape it

When the foil or plastic softens, scrape with the wooden spoon or spatula as delicately as possible. Raise the stove or burner and let the plastic or foil burn off the rest. Be careful when doing this step to avoid damaging the surface of your electric stove burner.


Step #4. Using spindles

If the steps above do not work, you can use this method. Place the spindles over your stove or open the kitchen window if your exhaust hood doesn’t function. Blow with a fan and smell from the open window near the stove. Use a drywall mask to keep fumes from your lungs if ventilation is insufficient.

Heat the coil by turning the burner on. Turn the heat down to “2” or “3,” so that your utensils are not damaged. Remove the melted plastic off the burner using a spatula or wooden spoon.

Wipe off the plastic with the end of a spoon with a paper towel on it. Use that to scrape off the plastic. It will prevent the melted plastic from spreading over the burner. Set high heat on the control knob. Allow the plastic residue to burn the coil or disk burner of the stove.


Removing Melted Plastic From Cooktop Burners Glass Using Cleanser

Allow time to cool the burner. Apply two to three drops of the glass cooktop cleaner to the surrounding and plastic areas. Hold a 45-degree angle razor blade safety scraper against the surface of the glass cooktop. When the molten plastic is scraped off the burner, push the blade lightly.

Upon each pass, apply an additional drop or two of the cleanser to the melted plastic. Scrape the remaining plastic off with the scraper, cleaning the scraper blade with paper towels between passes.

Remove plastic debris from the burner with a cleaning sponge. Apply the whole surface of the cooktop cleaner and wipe it with a paper towel.  You should remove plastic melted from the burner. Open windows and switch on fans to get rid of smoke as fast as feasible. When the burners are high, switch off the heating source immediately. Let your element cool thoroughly before using your hands or a dull knife to remove as much plastic as possible. Look for plastic in the electric burners in the dripping pot.

Turn the burner to the lowest setting to remove the remaining residue – never more than two. It softens the plastic sufficiently to remove a wooden spatula, spoon, or bolt. When the plastic has been transferred to the wood utensil, clean it with a cloth and not return it to the burner with melted plastic.

Scrape until the plastic is no longer removed. Turn the burner control high when the kitchen hood is open to burn any residual plastic particles. It’s a good idea to blow smoke through an open window using a fan. The burner should not take more than 2 or 3 minutes.


It’s A Wrap!

The electric stove burner may remain hot once the heating components are off. It is simple to forget and let the heated glass touch the plastic bag or deck by melting it. If that happens, turn the kitchen hood on immediately to smoke while the burner cools. With that, you might want to learn some electric stove burner repair tips if your unit happens to malfunction because of the melted plastic.

Regardless, use a cumbersome kitchen knife or a plastic scraper to remove the melted plastic as much as possible once it is safe to touch.

In addition, it would help if you had a chemical cleaner that reacts with plastic and dissolves the glass connection to clear the remaining particles of the plastic that are adhered to the glass. Consider items such as WD-40, acetone, or baking soda. For more information, read this article on how to remove melted plastic from surfaces.

Regardless of the technique utilized on how to remove melted plastic from electric stove burner, remember the importance of doing this since it may lead to the future burning of the stove. For more helpful stove articles, here are some steps on how to unhook a gas stove or where to buy wood stove pellets.

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