Easy 3-Step Guide How To Remove Gas Lift From Office Chair

Knowing how to remove gas lift from office chair is helpful in certain situations. There will be days where your office chair will stress you out, and not knowing how you can fix it could only cause you hassle.

A sinking office chair may cause you a dilemma of sitting and suddenly going all the way to the bottom. We know you didn’t sign up for that. Nobody wants a chair that doesn’t work instead of it providing comfort.

how to remove gas lift from office chair

Before removing the gas lift of your office chair, you can test it first. You can try to adjust the lever or check the locks if there is any problem. You may have missed a loose screw along the way.

If the problem is still there, then there is a need for you to remove the gas lift. You can follow these simple steps we made for you to follow. Now, go and fix that sinking chair.


Removing Gas Lift From Office Chair


Step #1. Preparation

Prepare all the tools you need to remove the gas lift or cylinder. It is good to prepare what you need first to make all the materials accessible and near you.

You will need protective gloves, newspapers in case stains may happen from the oil, a screwdriver for the bolts, a pipe wrench, and a rubber mallet.  Having these materials will allow the process to become more accessible.

Remember to ask for help if you can’t do it by yourself. Your materials should be complete to prevent you from exhausting yourself as you juggle to do it step by step.


Step #2. Removing of gas lift 

To remove the gas lift, you should remove the coasters first or, in other words, the wheels. You can pull each by using a rubber mallet to remove them. If you can do it by hand, you may do so.

Turn the chair upside down or side to have more access. You may place your chair under the newspaper or replace it with a rug. It will protect your chair from any unwanted scratch.

Next is to remove the base by using the rubber mallet by tapping it. Keep doing it until the base is removed, then set aside.

Use a pipe wrench and tightly clamp it on the top, then twist. Using a regular wrench will be harder and need more strength, so you may choose to use a pipe wrench.

Twist and loosen the gas lift, then you may pull it up to remove it. Keep in mind to be careful because the rubber mallet may scratch the gas lift.

You can replace the gas lift, but you have to find a suitable replacement. Take accurate measurements like the gas spring, column, and gas lift stroke to make sure you bought the right one. We don’t want to waste anything here.


Step #3. Reassembling the office chair 

In reassembling your chair, make sure that the mechanism is clean and you won’t have any dirt when you put things together. You may now prepare the gas lift for the chair.

Insert the gas lift in the socket with the use of a rubber mallet or by hand. Use force in tapping it inside to make sure it’s secure and tight in place.

After making sure it’s secured, insert the base on the gas lift using a rubber mallet on the other end. You can also use some force to tighten it. In this way, you won’t have a loose base and make it work properly.

Lift the chair back to its position and sit on it. Your body weight may help in pushing it down for additional security.

Try using the chair to know if you missed something. Check the lever to adjust the height of the gas lift.


How to maintain an office chair?

To ensure that your office chair works for a long time and to prevent another problem that will lead to removing the gas lift, you can apply some ways to maintain it. The first is to clear your chair now and then use a vacuum on its low setting. A dusty and smelly chair will do you no good.

The second is to use strong cleaning solutions if soap and water won’t work. Be careful in applying and test it in a small area first.

Third, lubricate the wheelbase to keep it rolling. You may also clean it by turning it on the side and remove unnecessary specks of dirt.

Last is the tightening of the bolts and screws of the office chair. Using it over some time may cause the screws to loosen up, so checking it regularly will maintain your office chair.



We hope we have provided easy ways of understanding how to remove a gas lift from office chair. We believe that you can be a self-reliant person in fixing simple problems. However, you also need to remember to invest in your chair for your comfort.

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