How To Remove Freon From Fridge? 4 Easy Steps!

You must be wondering how to remove Freon from fridge? For someone planning to dispose of their refrigerator, you might be asked to remove Freon before you dispose of it.

If left alone and not disposed of, it can cause harm to people around it if Freon leaks. Freon can cause vomiting, nausea, breathing problems, headaches, and a lot more if inhaled.

how to remove Freon from fridge

It’s really hard to know if you’re inhaling Freon because Freon is odorless and tasteless. It can’t be easily detected for it is also made out of gas or liquid, and could also harm the ozone layer.

Freon should be handled with care and caution and should be taken care of with someone in authority, and is a Section 608 certified technician. Someone who tries to remove Freon from a fridge without the authority to do so would be committing a crime in some countries.

Before we dive into the question you might be wondering, let’s first explain what Freon is and why is it important to a fridge?


What Is The Use Of Freon To A Refrigerator?

Before we tackle the use of Freon in a refrigerator, you must learn what Freon is. Freon is a type of chemical which can be either gas or solid. Freon is also known as “R-22 or refrigerant-22”, short for “halocarbon compound CHCIF2”, better known as “monochlorodifluoromethane,” and it is used as a refrigerant.

Refrigerants are chemical compounds— either gas or liquid are used to carry heat, or absorb heat better in their environment, and when combined with other components, they can provide air conditioning or refrigeration.

It is also a bad idea to throw away the Freon anywhere. When it degrades, the ozone might be in trouble because its free chloride will interact with it. It will cause deterioration to the ozone layer and also contribute to climate change.

The use of Freon contributes to maintaining the cold temperature of your fridge. In addition, this chemical is used for heat exchange to keep your refrigerator’s interior cool and your food at the right temperature.

Now that we got everything covered, we can now tackle some safety precautions while handling Freon. Knowing whether it is leaking or not could not just only save your life but save another. Always be careful and never do anything you might regret. If you don’t know how to handle it, hire someone who does.


How Would You Know If The Freon Inside Your Fridge Is Leaking?

Freon is harmful when inhaled and also digested. The worst part about it is that you would never know if you’re inhaling freon. It is odorless and tasteless. It can cause many harmful complications in your body, and looking for signs that it might be leaking can help you save your life and the life of your family.


Tip #1. The temperature inside your refrigerator.

One of the ways to tell if your Freon is leaking is to check the contents inside the refrigerator. If the contents inside never got colder or are still warm, it is probably caused by Freon’s leaking leading to the temperature inside the fridge not even moving at all.


Tip #2. The motor of the fridge is constantly running.

The condenser and the compressor are running using the Freon to control the temperature level back to the extent desired. If the temperature inside is warm or not cold enough based on the temperature desired, the motor will run to get it back to normal. This means if it runs constantly, the temperature inside is not controlled.


Tip #3. Experiencing an illness and can’t find the reason why.

Inhaling Freon can be a huge problem. Experiencing nausea, vomiting, breathing problems, headaches, and others, without any reason why and you can’t seem to figure out the cause of it. It could be worth considering that you had a long exposure to Freon. So, how to remove Freon from fridge?


How To Remove Freon From Your Refrigerator?

We finished covering the things you need to remember about Freon. Remember, Freon is a chemical composition that is very dangerous and not to play with. It is to be handled with care, for it may cost you your health and your life.

There are four steps in handling Freon. First, we will discuss the safest way to deal with them. Second, don’t forget to handle it with care and always be cautious. Third, wear safety gear to protect yourself from it.


Step #1. You should check disposal Regulations.

Before you start removing Freon out of your fridge, you should first contact your municipality and speak to the department handling the disposal of wastes. They are the ones in charge of walking you through the disposal of Freon in your area. They will also tell you about the requirements and steps you need to follow.


Step #2. Hire a technician that is certified to remove Freon from your fridge legally.

As said before, removing freon by yourself without someone in authority is illegal. Therefore, hiring certified to remove Freon from the fridge safely would be the best choice.


Step #3. The hired technician will remove the Freon from the fridge.

The hired technician will search your refrigerator for inspection. After searching, the technician will now remove the Freon. They will do it based on the practices they learned to earn their certification.


Step #4. Request for documentation regarding proper Freon disposal.

When your hired technician is done, do not forget to ask for the complete documentation for disposing of your refrigerator or Freon. It will include all the information about your refrigerator. In addition, the municipality will require you to have a sticker or tag that states that a certified technician removed the Freon.


Last Words

You have reached the end of this article. I hope you have learned everything there on how to remove Freon from fridge. Don’t forget that removing it yourself is illegal, and you should hire a certified technician. Thank you for taking your time, and it is appreciated. Thank you.

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