How To Remove Freezer From Mini Fridge? 5 Easy Steps To Follow!

A lot of people want to know how to remove freezer from mini fridge. Are you one of them? Then, you have come to the right place. It is not advisable to disconnect or remove the freezer out of the mini-fridge since its pipe is containing refrigerant that when damaged will cause the whole fridge not work.

In many cases, the refrigerator stops working after an attempt to disconnect or remove the freezer. For your information, the freezer is where the cooling of the entire fridge is coming from.

how to remove freezer from mini fridge

Disconnecting the freezer will make your mini-fridge useless. But it is not impossible to disconnect the freezer from the fridge. If you do this with precision, you may get this done without the gas leaking.


Steps To Remove Freezer From Mini Fridge

The refrigerant is the one that is cooling both the freezer and the fridge Without it, the fridge will be like any other cabinet in your kitchen. Below are the steps to follow in disconnecting the freezer of the mini-fridge. So, how to remove freezer from mini fridge?


Step #1. Figuring out the mini-fridge design

Remember that not all mini-fridges have a similar design. Each of them has a different placement when it comes to its pats. Before you start, figure out the structure and the design of the mini-fridge first. You may try searching the mini-fridge design in Google and look for a blueprint of its structure. You may also check the user manual included with your unit as it may include the structure. But if you can’t find anything, unscrew those screws at the back since they may contain it. This is the tray that is containing the screws which are connected to the inside of your unit.


Step #2. Locating the refrigerant pipe

Once you already remove the cover tray, the next thing that you have to do is to look for the refrigerant pipe. A flashlight might be necessary for this. This is generally running from the freezer compartment towards the fridge. Just take note of its line, do not try moving it yet. Furthermore, determine the pipe material and see whether or not it can be bent. Again, you can’t move the pipe since it can lead to leakage which can affect the fridge as well as your health.


Step #3. Planning on how to remove the pipe

You cannot move or disconnect the freezer instantly. Before you do that you have to devise a plan first. Most often than not, the pipes are made out of fragile material. In case you bent the pipe, it may crack which will lead to leakage. With that being said, it is essential to re-examine the plan first before implementing it. You should also try if how bent or twist can the pipe cope.


Step #4. Detaching the freezer

In this step, you can proceed with removing the screws of the freezer and pulling out the freezer grill gently. The refrigerator pipe must also be pulled away after that. Remember that the only cooling story of them in the fridge is its freezer, so you should not cut it off completely.

In other words, the freezer must be kept inside your mini-fridge to keep it working. You should be gentle in pulling the refrigerant pipe. Avoid pulling it with a force so that it won’t be damaged.


Step #5. Attaching the pipe at the back

Once you remove the refrigerant pipe successfully out of the freezer, you should attach it to the back. This is to ensure that the freezer will be provided with cooling. In attaching the refrigerant pipe, the tape can be used. Be extra careful in doing this. The tape will help stop the pipe to fall towards the center of the fridge.

Make sure to secure the pipe, so that it will not fall. Use enough tape in holding the refrigerant pipe. Once done taping it, you can start joining other pieces. Ensure that all internal parts are not exposed.

No part must be strapping out of the external tray. If you have done everything correctly, you can already put back the tray with the use of the screws. Finally, test your mini-fridge. For as long as you have done this project correctly, you will notice that the freezer is not working anymore. There will be no frost present.


It’s A Wrap!

In case you want to have more storage space, you can cut off the freezer of your mini-fridge. By following the steps on how to remove freezer from mini fridge you will be able to achieve this. But take note that even if the freezer can be disconnected from the fridge, it is not advisable to disconnect it completely.

Remember that the freezer is functioning through the pipe connected at the back which contains Freon or the cooling gas.

Disconnecting the freezer from the fridge completely will result in the leakage of this gas making the fridge not working anymore. If possible, you can just turn the settings of the freezer at its lowest mode rather than removing it. For more articles, click here on what are the dimensions of a mini fridge. Thanks for reading!

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